Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!

Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!



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  1. jinjurbreadman

    Please tell us where you got this 1-1.5g protein per lean pound of body fat from. Actually, all of the equations for each macro would be better, along with the 'carb intake guidlines'.

    Your 'Carb Intake Guidlines' seem like one of the most dubious pieces of nutritional information I have seen in a while.

  2. Powerman80923

    Scott, why do you average your BMR numbers instead of just taking the "In motion" number and reducing it by 10% – 25% to determine the desired average daily calorie intake to create a reasonable deficit? Thank you!!! Great video as usual.

  3. PJam Fitness

    Great stuff, but the macros don't add up here if you're trying to lose weight. If you're in good shape with descent muscle, you need to get more than 1x your lean weight in protein and .35 in fat if you want to keep your carbs under 100g. You simply wouldn't take in enough calories to lose fat without the risk of muscle loss.

  4. A. C.

    Aren't required too many proteins to make work your macro model? I made some math…if I would follow your tips while staying at protein minimum level and at fat maximum level – 130 gr proteins 66 gr fats – I would be in a caloric deficit even eating 200 gr of carbs. But the result is paradoxical. What is supposed to happen when you are in a caloric deficit while eating that many carbs? Sounds confusing. (lean mass 132 pounds, manteinance level 2200 kcal)

  5. W Kraus

    I've been using the guidelines from this mealplan that ScottHermanFitness aired at the beginning of this year. I've lost 34 lbs. in 3 months and holding with great definition 7 months later. I just turned 54 and look better than I ever have. Thanks ScottHermanFitness!

  6. Arch Marwa

    so i use yr calculator and i need 1500 cal at my rest days and 2000cal at my workout days
    i also calculate my protien ,fat and carbs at those days
    so if the first couple weeks i started to eat those macros and i hit my platue then should i low the card intake from 50 to 100 gm in my workout days and rest days or what should i do because i get lost at this point?

  7. mokded boussada

    hi ! thanks for the channel it help a lot but .i have a problem(i know tha the average to gain is between 150 and 300 bat 534 g is to hight) .. i did my calculation and this are my result : ((per day):3350 calories /534g of carbs/170g of protein /57g of fats if you can help me out ( weight 118/bmr rest 1528/bmr in motion 2875(because im very active )/ body fat 6% and i addd 500calories to gain weight please help me and thanks

  8. yeee ya'll

    I weigh myself every morning after going to the bathroom and am at a surplus of 250 above my tdee i find my weight is up some days and down on others by 1 to 1.5lb should I just eat more I averaged it over a week at a gain of 0.8lb but fuck averages should I consistently be up and it not be fluctuating apologies if this is a stupid question

  9. Tom Taped

    Great video! I have a question, how do I calculate my maintenance calories? those online calculators are not accurate because I know that somehow I have to include my fat percentage in order to get my lean mass. Im 20 yrs old, aprox 20% body fat, I weight 78kg, 180 height and I have a normal metabolism and I train from 5 to 6 days per week. Any help would be awesome :)!

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