Caloric restriction healthy? Part 1 #174

Caloric restriction healthy? Part 1 #174

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  1. Wal Sid

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  2. jothan175

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  3. Barrios Groupie

    The functioning of your brain depends upon the food you eat so you do need to care about what you eat. In the morning, eat something like a large helping of muslei or porridge with milk. Four hours later, eat an orange, banana, apple and a healthy sandwich. Then in the evening approx 5-6 hours later, make sure you have three helpings of vegetables with either potatoes, pasta, rice, spaghetti and with a piece of chicken, fish, steak – whatever. Snack on a sandwich or piece of fruit later.

  4. peopleofthecircle

    I don't eat many calories, I just eat a good mix of foods – no special diet.
    My weight is down 5 pounds (assumed an active lifestyle over past month), I'm not anorexic (been naturally thin all my life), and at 57 y.o., I put others my age to shame.

  5. Bethany Moore

    i admit compared to the standard diet thats really healthy, but when it comes to what we're evolved to eat like every cell in our body runs off glucose and we're not supposed to heat our food! Just because we burnt our food with fire a long time ago doesn't make it the ideal xD

  6. Bethany Moore

    thanks for helping me with my anorexia/bulimia dude. 1 month watching ur vids and I'm in a healthy bmi and don't feel fat and eat as much fruit as i can find (: vs. 1 and a half years of people weighing me and trying to make me eat cake.

    Thank you to you, freelea, and dan mcdonald for saving my life :') it's amazing to be eating so much and feeling better for it rather than worse, how long du think it will take me to get rid of my fatigue for good and the problems from my bulimia/anorexia?x

  7. Livingcoma

    These LC diets come´s form the idea that they promote longevity. I think that a lot of these people just get sucked in to these diets because it´s what´s going on in their surrounding. Of course we are influensed by our surrounding. I think that the video is a good one because I see that this trend is growing among people and we need moer people that can be critical so they won´t go to far as for the non water drinking man. @durianriders: Keep posting bro! @LC- diet people: your lives suck, EAT!

  8. Drog .NDTrax

    I live in Ontario and I am Univeristy student. I make a frequent habit of taking up to 8 cut-up apples and usually other fruit as well in a pyrex bin with me for lunch. I will sit there in a lab or library or a hall bench and eat for 10 minutes solid until I have finished all of it.

  9. scrambledeggsTV

    just found your videos after following liferegenerator on youtube for a few months now, safe to say i'll be back to watch you again tomorrow as I am falling deeper and deeper into the raw fruits and veg message, however I have not heard much on calorie intake up until now and thanks to your videos im starting to feel informed so will like to return to learn more, love the energy, love the message 🙂

  10. Ronny Andersen

    @aquatiger1987 Add in some flax seeds and sesamy seeds, they are high in fat but they are quite good for you, especially flax.. and you don`t need that many either.. although healthy exercise is good too.. considered doing some weight lifting?

  11. Ronny Andersen

    My heart goes out to this man and to everyone that have these horrible disorders.. thank you for making this video.. and I pray that it will be able to help many people see the state they are in and beginning to follow what is right, what God intended was for us to be healthy and fit and to be able to eat the most amazing foods.. but whatever you believe, eat as much fruit and veggies as you care for, you will never get fat. Just skip the fat and your good, the fat you eat the fat you wear.

  12. ambyglam

    @pecorskuwitz its a pity you didnt really read my statement properly instead of defending yourself over a mis read comment. what point did i say natural fruit sugars were bad? If you re-read it…it says… refined sugar and fake sugar… I said eat plenty of raw fruit and veg… I'll wait for your appolgy lolllllll…xx

  13. ambyglam

    In all honesty tho… in lots of ways it is not the fat that makes people fat.. it is the sugar… your body requires a certain amount of fat in a day…even saturated fat…or brain function doesnt work correctly… refined sugar is the devil…its in every low fat foot. People should just eat properly… raw fruit and veg… oils and nuts for fat and No fake sugar!

  14. rainbowsalads

    i do apologise . I see the subject Jason as such a sweet man, I can see in his eyes and the way he speaks he would not hurt a fly, that is why I am upset by this edit.
    Lord knows there's got to be a better way to get a message across than to hurt one another. peace.

  15. tejo29se

    @durianriders I were also thinking about the average chinese they eat lots of rice even for breakfast and they're very slim indeed.

    Apropos sumowrestlers I've heard they eat lots of food to bulk up but to keep the weight on they don't need much food?

    I love your uploads, they give people the info they need to go raw the healthy way.

  16. VeganWelshman

    I love the way you present the information. If people are going to take this stuff seriously the raw vegan movement needs to move away from all the spiritual nonsense and just present the clear, logical, scientific benefits of eating this way. Keep making the vids Harley, you're a legend!

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