“Christ Who is Our Life” preached by Pastor Steven L Anderson

“Christ Who is Our Life” preached by Pastor Steven L Anderson

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  1. Herbert Munson

    This really makes me want to talk about Jesus to everyone I meet. Let's at obsessed with the gospal, let's all be scripture nerds, let's all memorize Bible verses instead of pop songs, let's all read the bible, quote it and show everyone how deep it's teachings are, let's tell everyone we know that Jesus died for them and they can be saved. Let's show Jesus how much we love him.

  2. Jose Calderon

    you have the devil inside u. god told me to tell u that "love your neighbor and don't hate his creation he loved so much. Your all his children and you r all brothers and sisters." god also said " u shall NOT kill with words or an action. he am god I will judge u. use his word to promote love and peace not hate."

  3. Jose Mauel

    Colossians3:4  I like how you didn't talk about us appearing with him in glory.. hmmm I wonder why. maybe because it destroys your ''after the tribulation.'' we come back with the Lord Jesus Christ at his second coming. here's more proof 1Thessalonians3:13.

  4. David Metz

    I'm new in my faith and its still amazing to me that. You'll tell me a chapter or verse to turn too wile I'm still learning my bible and I'm able to turn right to it. Amazing God takes me right to it. God is great.

  5. Jeff Key

    (NIV) Jesus is the bright morning. Star /Lucifer is the morning star /pastor Steve Anderson what are you doing burning the ( NIV) I heard you talk about Isaiah 14:12 from NIV / I read the king James bible I think this answers your Isaiah 14:12 issue . let me read your comments toward this

  6. InLaws Attic

    I am so thankful for this young man's preaching- inspiring, convicting, deep reason & logic- puts together the Bible's truth for me better than all the "wise" old farts that "taught" me all my life- always attending "church" that was dead- now my "church" is alive- with this preachers' teaching. Don't miss a single sermon, take notes, read read read the Bible, the sooner , younger you are the better- My only regret is to not have had a teacher like this when younger- THANK YOU! Even from scorn of family, being a "fanatic", living alone in my zealous faith, Jesus Christ IS my life!!

  7. bible4truth

    What is tried by fire is whether those we preached the gospel to believed it, including us. What melts is everything added to the FOUNDATION, which is Christ. Gold, precious stones, etc DO MELT, because they are formed in the earth by heat, and the EARTH itself will melt with a fervent heat. The rewards are those who are saved, hid with Christ, who is our reward, our foundation, our work, our righteousness. We are all of the household of God, the Body of Christ. Some may win more souls, but since we all have ONE SPIRIT, we all have the same works, because it is no longer I that live, but CHRIST that liveth in me (Gal 2). The 1st shall be last, the last shall be 1st; and Jesus is the FIRSTBORN among many brethren and He is our exceedingly great reward. Pastor Anderson is in error. Salvation is simple (Gospel): Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose the 3rd day (1 Cor 15); believe that and you have passed from death to life (Jn 5:24). Psalm 89:26-33.

  8. bible4truth

    Stop trying to make the "physical building" the church.

    Eph 2:18 King James Version
    Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and *of the household of God*;

    The church is not a building. Stop twisting scriptures. I thought this message was going to show how Christ life replaced our life after we believed so that we could have the imputed righteousness of God (Romans 4:5), but got this false, twisted teaching instead. I visited an independent fundamental baptist "church" and they are big into the "church is the building" and the false tithing lie. People can't seem to not lord over the sheep, as Pastor Andersen seems to do. Yes, we should go soul winning, but don't twist scripture because the leaven causes other issues.

  9. bible4truth

    Pastor Anderson seems to be missing the point of Col 3:3-4. Christ is our LIFE means exactly that our life is not counted, but Christ's life has replaced my life before God. He is totally twisting these scriptures. Paul is simply saying after He believed the gospel, God accounted the world of Christ to Paul's account, because of the fact that Jesus paid it all. Pressing toward the mark for the "prize" is simply winning others to Christ via the Holy Spirit–He they winneth souls is wise! Christ is our life means don't look at your life at all concerning eternal righteousness or salvation because Col 3:3 Ye are dead and your LIFE is hid with Christ, in God; so when Christ appears OUR LIFE shall appear because Christ is eternal life–hence the "BODY OF CHRIST". And winning a souls is by the SPIRIT in you because the word of Life, is the gospel; and words we speak are Spirit, they are LIFE. All saved people are of ONE SPIRIT, therefore we have the SAME WORKS as one BODY.

  10. Mr. E

    To Melissa: If your spouse committed adultery. Than in the eyes of the Lord. He should have been put to death.

    And you would be sinless in getting remarried. Choose wisely this time. Chose a Christian man that you can, and will follow, till death do you part.

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