Christian Salvation Cartoon – Animated Christian Video – Jesus Christ – God – Evangelism

Christian Salvation Cartoon – Animated Christian Video – Jesus Christ – God – Evangelism

This Salvation Christian cartoon, presented by simply presents in a conversational style The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and invites people to …


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  1. Angiesoflyxo

    God is indeed anything He wants to be. God can talk through a donkey and a burning Bush. He is Omnipresent and omniscient and omnipotent. Only God could lay his life down and take it back up again. No angel or prophet can take on all the sins of the world as did Jesus. Jesus literally means Jehovah saviour or Jehovah saves. The fullness of God dwellt in Him. All power and authority is given to Him. When He returns. Every knee shall bow and tongue must confess He is Lord(God). He is the first and the last. The beginning and the end. Alpha and Omega.

  2. RabinoBoricuaVirtual

    — The Salvation promised by God to those who follow Moses —

    1) The God whom the Torah (Law of Moses) identifies with the name of יהוה (Yah) is the One and only true God, as it has been written: «Thus says יהוה , Isra’el’s King and Redeemer, Adonai-Tzva’ot (The Lord of Hosts): “I am the first (because I have no father), and I am the last (because I have no Son); besides me there is no God (because I have no brother)» (Isaiah 44:6, Complete Jewish Bible). And also in another place, «See now that I, yes, I, am he; and there is no god beside me (nobody coexists as God with me)» (Deut. 32:29)
    2) Moses is God’s messenger, as well as the intermediary between God and men, as it has been written: «At that time I stood between יהוה and you, in order to tell you what יהוה was saying» (Deut. 5:5). Thus, God’s people must listen and obey Moses, as it has been written: «You [Moses], go near; and hear everything יהוה our God says. Then you will tell us everything יהוה our God says to you; and we will listen [to you], and do it» (Deut. 5:27). Yah is pleased when His people obey Moses, as this will insure that everything will go well with us, as it has been written: «I have heard what this people has said when speaking to you [Moses], and everything they have said is good. Oh, how I wish their hearts would stay like this always, that they would fear me and obey all my commandments; so that it would go well with them and their children forever» (Deut. 5:28-29).
    3) By means of Moses, Yah made a Covenant with Israel, in order for Him to be their God, and for them to be His People. And this Covenant is to obey the Ten Commandments of Moses Law, as it has been written: «He proclaimed His Covenant to you, which he ordered you to obey, the Ten Words; and He wrote them on two stone tablets» (Deut. 4:13).
    4) God’s Covenant with His people is forever, and therefore cannot be cancelled, nor changed, as it has been written: «whatever God does will last forever; there is nothing to add or subtract from it» (Ecclesiastes 3:14)
    5) Regardless of his religion, the man who won’t follow Moses (refusing to obeying the Law of the Covenant) is a proud and accursed man, as it has been written: «You rebuke the proud, the cursed, who stray from your mitzvot (commandments)» – Psalm 19:21. And, refusing to obey Moses Law, makes a person wicked; as it makes him praise the wicked: «Those who abandon Torah praise the wicked, but those who keep Torah fight them» (Proverbs 28:4).
    6) Just as it happens with any other delinquent [who hasn’t yet repented], as long as the wicked remains in rebellion against God’s Law, his soul will feel no real peace. As it has been written: «There is no shalom (Wholeness, Peace), says my God, for the wicked» – Isaiah 57:21.
    7) But Yah doesn’t want to wicked to be damned, nor for him to live without peace. Rather, He wants him to depart from evil (to stop despising the commandments), and to perform the good embodied in The Covenant. Why? Because his submission to God’s will grants him the peace that comes with the promise of everlasting life, as it has been written: «If you turn from evil, and do good, you will live safely forever (have a share in everlasting life)» – Psalm 37:27. And this is the reason why obedience to the commandments of the Covenant is the all of man; the supreme reason for his existence, as it has been written: «Here is the final conclusion, now that you have heard everything: fear God, and keep his mitzvot (commandments); this is what being human is all about» – Ecclesiastes 12:13
    8) Only Yah can bring Salvation to mankind; no one else can do it! As it has been written: «I, yes I am יהוה ; besides me, there is no Deliverer» – Isaiah 43:11. And also in another place: «For I am יהוה , your God, the Holy One of Isra’el, your Savior» – Isaiah 43:3
    9) If the wicked repents, and turns away from evil (abandoning his rebellion to the commandments of God’s Covenant), he can directly pray to Yah, who has promised to forgive him. As it has been written: «If my people, who bear my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land» – 2 Chronicles 7:14.
    10. You may become reconciled with God today, by uttering aloud the following prayer: «Oh Lord Yah, I acknowledge that You are the One and only true God, and Moses is your servant and messenger. I confess that the Law of your Covenant is the Supreme and everlasting Truth; that there is no Savior besides You; that You reward those who obey Your commandments, and forgive the wicked who turns away from evil (making confession of his sins). Therefore, I beg You to forgive me, for living in rebellion to the commandments of Your Covenant. I humbly ask you to come to my life, and sit upon the throne of my heart, so that you may become my king, and I may become part of those who serve you- the people of Israel. Help me to listen and obey all the commandments You gave to your servant Moses. Guide me, Oh God, give me strength, and grant me Your Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit), so that I can do the Journey through the wilderness of the present world, in submission to Your will, and not mine. I praise and exalt You, oh God, Because on this day You have made me part of Your People; and, just like You did with them, You’ll keep me safe until I reach the Heavenly Canaan. Amen».


    Let me get this straight, she says she has been a thief her entire life. And he says that it is okay because all of humanity is short of God's grace. So don't worry about doing bad things or doing good things, just believe. Great message of indoctrination.

  4. shawnackerman1

    u people are fools… genesis…..says earth was created before the sun…..its a fact that the sun comes ffirst and accretion disc forms the planets…..u got adam and eve cain and able…cain killed abel….now u got a 3 some w/ mom. really? its the best scam ever….who comes back after dyin and says hey u ripped me off? dumbasses

  5. Joseph Clay

    Your dislike of the actions of people making war on others in the name of their god does nothing to answer whether the claims of Christianity, and it's path to eternal salvation, is true or not. That question is what matters in the end. Is it true or not? If not then you shouldn't have anything to do with it. But if it's true then your like/dislike is irrelevant. And God's word would be all that mattered.

  6. Treeweavers

    Jesus said:


    Be baptized (immersed in water) in The Name.

    Become His disciple.

    (Matthew 28: 19-20 )


    Repent.  Believe.  ( Mark 1: 15 )


    Believe.  Be baptized.  ( Mark 16: 16 )


    Believe.  Receive the Spirit.

    ( John 7: 37-39 )


    I will give you [ Peter ] the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    ( Matthew 16: 18-19 )


    Peter then said (to believers who were asking what they should do):


    Be baptized in The Name.

    You will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

     ( Acts 2:38 )

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