Class 11 Video – Healthy Food Choices and Eating on a Budget

Class 11 Video – Healthy Food Choices and Eating on a Budget

Partnering with God Series. Vaughn Lawrence discusses making healthy food choices and some options for finding good natural food on a budget.


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  1. mrzrollins

    i agree with u. im 16mo meatless. I use herbs daily. many of what u named. Burdock root, Yellowdock root, Sea moss, Spirulina Sarsaparilla dandelion roots just to name a few. im gluten free n also eat quinoa n drink fresh green juices daily. I learned hard way to hve more greens n less fruit n my juices n green smoothies

  2. Rob K

    hi.. the department of agriculture says, " you cannot call eggs nutritious …nor can you call it healthy… nor can you call them safe to eat"  that came directly from them and this information is available because of the freedom of information act… 
    you can how ever call eggs satisfying… because that is subjective..  cheers

  3. Angela Murray

    Womderful info! I luv social media. At 67 today, I learned somethings that I didn't know, but I had been aware of a lot from hanging out with a friend who had a health foodstore in upstate New York where I lived for. 7 years. Live foods are the very, very best. I applaude this young man for steping out educating GOD'S PEOPLE!!!

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  5. Nahid Hossain

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