Controlling the External Senses | Insights from the Master

Controlling the External Senses | Insights from the Master

In this video, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda answers the question, ‘How does what we eat affect our mind’? Swamiji explains that what we eat, …


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  1. Elaettin Yesilcimen

    I would like to ask you dear Paramhansa Swami Vishwananda why you have so many negative people around you whereas those so called saints are vegetarians for years now as far as i know! Or is it possibel that these people are merely demons which you just try to have under control or sometimes it seems that you don't even have them under control. Is it possibel that no kind of diet in the world is able to change their demonic qualities and may it be possibel that a pure person by his nature even if he eats cadaver this won't have any impact on him to change the quality of this person to the negative. What is wrong here dear master of the universe! Please tell me! Sharanam Mahadeva!

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