Delicious Summer Recipes ☼ Healthy & Easy!

Delicious Summer Recipes ☼ Healthy & Easy!



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  1. Otaku Shanaynay

    I'm sorry please don't hate me but I eat and drink everything else but thr melon salad I really don't like watermelon and like you've been to India so I don't like sweet chaat so yeah like I don't like the sweetness of the spiciness otherwise like he looks SO good.

  2. Heather m

    Just watched your latest winter food video, but it's summer in Australia so i'm so glad you've already made these recipes into a video! Love the look of the melon salad, not something i'd be brave enough to try out if it wasn't recommended to me!
    Thanks Julia! 🙂

  3. Andrea Moon

    Love the look of all of these! I was really poorly in May & couldn't eat a thing but since then I haven't been able to drink hot drinks so I'm definitely going to try a few different iced herbal teas! Great video again Julia, I always look forward to your videos! X

  4. sn12

    amazing recipes julia! but have to say lassi is buttermilk so the taste is not the same without butter milk . i find yogurt just makes it taste like any regular smoothie but the buttermilk though yuuummm!! its very easy to make buttermilk at home or u can buy it!

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