Derma Rolling My Lips at 63~ Anti-Aging Update @ 15 Months

Derma Rolling My Lips at 63~ Anti-Aging Update @ 15 Months

I am sharing the results after using the derma roller on my lips for 15 months. I could not be more pleased with the results. You will find answers to many of your questions in these short…


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  1. dakotahstr

    Thank you Mary Ellen. finally someone my age I can relate to. Im 60 , just received and tried my derma roller yesterday. I put coconut oil afterwards. I am pleased with the results already. I love Anne Marie too..You are both wonderful women who explain to the max . subscribed!

  2. Nina

    I just came across your video. I'll be 63 soon. I know these are older posts but can you PLEASE tell me brand and color of your eye shadow, it looks so good!! I also ordered a derma roller. Unboxing it this evening for first try.

  3. Foofie2005

    Hi, Maryellen. I love your saying “I’ll let mother nature run after me” very clever … I’ll have to borrow that one for sure 😉 I’ve heard Elle speak of you many times, so I’m happy to have finally subbed to your channel. You look wonderful by the way! Im just getting started with derma rolling and I look forward to the nights I use it. I started off with the .25 but I’m ordering larger now that I’m less of a chicken 🐣 Take care, Stacy

  4. Tere Val

    Mary Ellen I just starting to take care of my skin I guess I never thought about how you age with time at 68 and soon 69 I thought I was doing great by cleanse,tone and moisturizer and end didn't know you can do better , but don't know how to choose the products thanks for all the help

  5. Marta Laura Zayas

    I had to watch this again because I still haven't gotten back to the derma rolling and wanted some motivation. lol, YOU inspire me MaryEllen. Oh by the way, my mom is always telling me I need to not be against aging, I told her what you about running and she started cracking up!

  6. patti lopez

    Hi Maryellen! I've used both the 192 pt. and 540 pt. derma rollers and have found personally that the 540 pt. doesn't penetrate the skin as well. It seems the needles are so close together/dense to really get in and do the job. I'm only using the 192 pt. roller from now on. I can actually feel the roller aerating my skin. How do feel about the difference in rollers?

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