Developing a Clear Vision in Life

Developing a Clear Vision in Life

Do you ever feel like your life has no direction or purpose? Fr. Mike talks about how we can find meaning in our lives by defining goals and making small …


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  1. Lenore Catalogna

    And when my friend St. Joseph of Arimethea was put in prison,students from all over that Uniersity went to visit him. I did too but by myself just like they went bt themselves. Our friend Paco,from a diplomatic family in Guatamala went. Our friend hugo from a diplomatic family iun Peru did. Our fiend from Nicoragua in my phot album, with us went. OIur friend from Costa Rica went. some of the Spaniards went. See. They were friuends who knew the difference between talking bout the goivernmwent of Franco. My friend Sy. Joseph of Arimetha had priests I never even met in Logrono,Spain who he used to go and visit. My life is not Mother Threseasor Mothger angelicas. Did you hear when Papa Francisco said,"I think we should canonize sor Juana de la Cruz. Im even crying telling you. He taught me the Literature of Sor Juana de la Cruz,and she lives here on my floor. Her son comes all the time to see her. I talk to him all the time. He had A stroke sometime ago too. My cousin Antoinette Calabrese, St. Pope Leo the Great and St. Salomes daughter, Blessed Yolanda came ahere and lived in these apts for about a year. She claimed she was froim Orlando, Flordia,but she lives in Kansas.

  2. Lenore Catalogna

    I used to be able to speak and understand French a little after 4 years of it At Moravian College and the University of Navarra. I was all A'in my first year of French at Moravian College. I memorized too. But anyway I had a very good French accent. My profesxsor was a French woman who was a citizen of America. She was a high recommendation for me to study at La Universidad de Navarra in my Junior year. But listen to me. My friend St.Joseph of Arimethea intyroduced me to very well known diplomatic students there from all over Latin america. But we had also some friends who were closer to others like our friend Poncho Fernandez, who was getting his PhD in Law from Ecuador. Underneath, he is right now in Ecuador a priest. I have pics of him on my Facebook . He is the Ecuadorian leader who was converted by my dear old roommate and teacher in Loja, Ecuador,whose family lives in England, St. Mariana Torres. Sorry but they are my friends true friends. Youth campaigns worldwide cant tell you what I just did.

  3. Lenore Catalogna


  4. Veronica Sharp

    He is correct. Your decisions will forever change your destiny. I made a bad decision and will forever ask God for forgiveness. My error is keeping the person that hurt me in my life. Have to make a clear decision to move on and learn. Like Mother Teresa said people come in your life as a blessing or a lesson. For me wasn't a blessing was just and continues to be painful. Lesson learned.

  5. Jenny Smith

    “Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future.” This has become one of my life mantras.😊

    I’ve wasted so much of my life, too, and at age 60, I joined the Catholic Church. I’ve spent the last year reading and learning, and the more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know! I’m not a people person, but I’m going to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me to help me increase my faith, generosity, and courage. Then, I will need to shut up and LISTEN to Jesus’ reply! Thanks, Fr. Mike. Love your videos.

  6. Nuclear-Skull87

    I am 31 years and I still haven't gotten to my desired-career which is Videogame-Development and I am thinking about one-day moving to Seattle, San-Francisco or Los-Angeles to pursue that one-day. I know God is calling me to be a Videogame-Designer & graphic-novelist one-way or another.

  7. Alexis McCormick

    Most people are working to support themselves and/or raising families…I don’t think that’s meaningless or wasteful! I hope he’s not implying it is, because the idea of leaving your family to pursue your goals is a dangerous one in today’s society. How could the life of someone who raised children be wasted? That’s taking it too far! The idea that only certain kinds of jobs can be meaningful and the others are just wasting your life is a dangerous one, too—I really hope that’s not what he’s implying. St. Joseph was a carpenter and Mary was a homemaker.

  8. marcelo lara

    I was thinking of becoming a monk. Thought about it, prayed about it. And it was a big no.
    I love God but it comes to a point where you must decide. I have decided to be a good follower and.give the best of me every day, in every conversation. God bless.

  9. MegaMeggsie

    Hi Fr Mike, I think everyone should read the Screwtapes, it helps clarify the tricks of our energy and points out the war we are in for our souls. You are amazing!! God CLEARLY is working through you to help soooo many. You give us all direction and vision and such great courage and hope! While making us laugh 😉 great combo! Thank you!

  10. Kenneth Hamblett

    hi father mike, you are an awesome priest. i desire religious life, but at same time i desire a wife. had a vision, heavenly messenger says christ wants me to be a minister. my army service made me depressed. but i would not mind going to school to become a deacon. please pray, what's yur advice. i'm always drawn to minister etc.,etc. my love for all my fellow christians. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  11. djf750

    Our lives are basically meaningless because when we die our consciousness ends…forever.

    God may exist, but IT obviously doesn't care about us as evidenced by children and nuns who were raped by catholic priests whose crimes were covered up by Bishops so that the priests could rape again and again.

  12. WordPress Lover

    I'm currently studying engineering and it's not going well because I don't love it. But finishing that means nice paycheck and job but I dont love it. I wanma be a programmer. Now learnign programming means going to another city and living alone and who knows will I ever get a job but that's what I wanna do. This video really helped. God please help me find my vision and my life path. I'm so lost right now … thank you for the video 💙 regards from Croatia 🇭🇷

  13. David Herpin

    This was a great video. Can you think of a good concrete example of someone who followed this advice. When you say focus on the type of person you want to be rather than what you want to accomplish or what you want to look like, what does exactly does this mean?

    Would focusing on one's various roles be the way to go? For example, I am a father, husband, son, employee. So, should my goals be centered around the type of father, husband, son, employee I want to be and then set specific goals related to that?

  14. jbass66

    I pray the rosary every day (mostly) with tranquility as my personal intent. It helps and I truly believe that one cannot make sound decisions regarding a vision in life without some tranquility of the mind. I've been away from the church for a very long time but recently an inner voice pushed me to get a rosary and use it. (I had forgotten how and re-learned it on YouTube.) I didn't ask for that push but it came nevertheless. My vision is clear – Join a parish, Get a new job, Manage my finances, Find a good Catholic woman to share a life, Join the Knights of Columbus like my late 4th Degree grandfather, Help where I can, and be happy….and have fun.

  15. Music Savant Accountant

    #AskFrMike I listen to Dr Jordan Peterson Fr Mike. He said that life is suffering, and that our meaning and purpose in life is to bear that suffering and be a better person. Our purpose in life is to try to reduce suffering in the world. I would like to ask, is this true? Does this statement of Dr Jordan Peterson in line with the truth of the catholic faith regarding suffering? Can I listen to Dr Peterson on this one? What is the catholic belief about suffering, bearing it, and making life better for yourself and others? I really need your advice, thank you very much. 🙂

  16. Joe Ceccacci

    Father Mike–we can call our self privileged.Division between state and church. God is not a thinker he is a maker. Never would God want us to stall. I respect and believe in christianity. Jesus is the coolest the world has ever seen.

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