Diet for Dancers | Kathryn Morgan

Diet for Dancers | Kathryn Morgan

In Diet for Dancers, I give you all my tips and tricks for healthy weight loss, snack ideas, and some secrets to quick weight loss. I also tell you how to implement …


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  1. Frances Edwards

    I don't know about you, but my life wouldn't be worth living if it wasn't for food. If I ate oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and so grilled chicken and rice for dinner every day, I think I would kill myself. And I like all those foods! I need snacks because they make me happy. I need butter and pizza and pasta and gravy and beef because those are things I think about when I feel sad. Also I am hungry all the time so without chips and cereal and peanut butter i would die. Encouraging people to eat less isn't good at allllllllll

  2. Maria Fernanda Torres Romero

    Hola kathryn; te conocí hace poco como bailarina y me encantan tus videos; me gustaría saber de la dieta de bailarina y no puedo entender el vídeo por mí falta de inglés; podrías volver hacer el vídeo y subtitularlo; no importa en inglés al menos para subtitularlo
    Saludos desde Perú

  3. meowool

    I am one of the few rare people that is absolutely fine with dairy. They thought I could be dairy intolerant as part of my IBS but after I broke my foot I know for sure I am not intolerant as I drank a pint (UK pint so it's more than 500ml) of milk a day for around a fortnight

  4. Lily Jenkins

    I’m thirteen, should i still eat only 1500 calories? Or should i eat more because i’m growing? Also, is it bad to not have a thigh gap as a dancer? I’m not sure what i should be aiming to look like or what i should eat/how much for my age

  5. Frances Edwards

    so many people my age (i'm 14) watch these videos. we tend to hear things from people we look up to and accept is as something that is correct. you shouldn't encourage us to eat 1500 calories a day! that is nowhere near enough food. i eat like 3000 calories a day. i'm a dancer and a runner, but i sit on my ass and eat chips a lot. i'm like 5'4" and 100 pounds. do you know why i'm so small? because i exercise so much. and i exercise so much that i can spend a lot of my time sitting around. don't encourage young girls to eat less. that's BAD. i love all your other videos but this one is so damaging to young girls. this makes people think that eating 2000 calories a day is way to much. these are people that exercise and dance way more than me that really use you as an inspiration. sorry for my long, incoherent rant. also gluten is delicious

  6. Meganxx Singsxx

    I love her but these recommendations are extremely unhealthy. Eating less than 2000 calories per day puts the body into a starvation mode, causing your body to store a lot of fat. Any weight that you lose starving yourself will come back, and then some. Eating this little makes you extremely vulnerable to a binge on really unhealthy foods, and will make all of the weight come back. This is the body's response to famine: store more energy in case of starvation again. Also the recommendation about not eating a lot of sugar is ridiculous. Every cell in your brain runs on glucose, and the rest of your body runs on other forms of carbohydrates. Limiting your sugar intake means that more of your calories will be coming from fat and proteins, which are not very good for a dancer. Protein is good if you want to gain a lot of muscle mass and look like a body builder, but not a dancer. Fat is the main problem, because it is what is actually stored in your cells as fat, exactly what it sounds like. For healthy weight loss one should adopt a predominantly whole-foods plant based diet which is high in carbs and low in fats. For information on how to do this, watch Freelee the Banana Girl's videos, Nina and Randa, that Vegan Couple, etc… just do not follow this low sugar and low calorie diet because it will leave you feeling very low and sad, and the weight you lose from cutting carbs is water weight, which you will gain back very quickly.

  7. Grubbi Love

    Just to correct you if I may, it isn't no carb but in fact low carb since almost everything you eat contains carbs. You are merely removing starchy and sugary foods from your diet or limiting it. Which is like you said limiting sugar and gluten. It has in fact worked for many many people, dancers or not. Some people can function on low carbs. Others can function on a high carb diet. Just my two cents. Great video though. 🙂

  8. Erika Duarte

    It's so good to hear you're a three meal eater as well. I usually just have some fruit or coffee for breakfast, lunch normally, and a fruit in between classes in the afternoon, since I'm at studio from 2 p.m to 9 p.m
    I've found I am never hungry enough fr 5 meals or multiple snacks, or large portions, and that, plus exercising more along with pilates, is really helping me tone my muscles and reducing my tummy size, however i find my inner thighs very puffy and they are not getting toned, I wonder if you have any advice Katie?

  9. moonchild0

    I don't many foods or much variety. I just don't want to try foods that I'm 99.99999999999% sure that I won't like. I don't eat meat or seafood. I eat only some fruits, not many types of fruits currently. And I'm not a big vegetable person, I'm more of a fruit person. I do eat many grains. Bread, granola, oatmeal, and rice. And I love yogurt, milk, water, and only some juices. I don't eat enough variety of food to make an actual meal. So I eat about 5 or 6 small "meals" throughout the day and drink lots of water because I move around a lot. They're more like snacks, but of a bigger quantity. So I eat 2 waffles, some low-fat vanilla yogurt, and maybe a clementine or a bit of granola, and that's my breakfast. And that fills me up for about two-three hours. If I'm feeling a bit peckish, I might eat a granola bar or some unsalted crackers with some water or juice. Overall, I think I'm okay, maybe my taste buds will change and I'll actually like more foods in the future. I'm 14, almost 15, I've got my whole life ahead of me to try food.

  10. Jane Katalane

    Hello Kathryn, I am hoping you (and/or any other dancers out there) could help me… I started Ballet again about a year ago & lost weight as a result. However… my problem is that I'm naturally very skinny & do not want to lose weight. I knew this would be a struggle for me ahead of time, so I was being mindful of making sure I ate enough when I started ballet again. But I still lost too much weight. Now I am stuck between a rock & a hard place because I don't want to stop dancing but I also don't want to keep losing weight… So, are there any tips as to how to gain weight as a dancer? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😀 Thank you!…

  11. Siriuslygeeky -Batman

    Im an "eat 1-4 meals a day, depends on if I have/want food" kind of person… Also, I can't afford healthy food, only junk food with the occasional halfway heathy food… but im 111 pounds (Im 15, and 5'3 ) and I can count my ribs… I need some healthier food… apples sound good rn… but I have TMJ (long story short…my Jaw's off) so I can't hardely chew so I can't eat apples…


    Aside from MyFitness Pal, how many Calories would you suggest for one hour of class? Some days I do more than one class, but most times it's one class a day and the time frames varies depending on the level and genre.
    Also, does the 3-4 cardio workouts a week include dance classes or is that additional to dance classes?

    Thank you so much for your time 💕

  13. Buibuiopolis Mayor

    Indeed, finding out what works is the key. I tried low carb high protein and had good results, nice muscle definition and low body fat. I was fit and lean, but I was constantly tired and craving for crabs and sugars. I'm now eating whatever I want (not healthy) and eve though my weight did not change, I lost some muscle and gain more body fat. It's hard to find that balance….

  14. yenma akari

    While I know that you are not a nutritionist and there was a disclaimer, but starting off with Nutritionists (as in RDN) absolutely know what they are talking about or at least have a better idea. For example, carb free anything, is actually pretty darn dangerous. Losing weight is energy in energy out period unless you have a thyroid condition. This is not a subjective magical think, it is actually science.

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