Diet plan and exercise regime to conceive healthy baby – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Diet plan and exercise regime to conceive healthy baby – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Any age group, proper diet and exercise has to be maintained before you conceive. This is the basic thing which we need in India right now because people are …


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  1. liotube7

    Some Information Isn't Accurate… and follow Outdated rather Unhealthy Protocols in Dieting….Like 1-egg white only ? So wrong and no medical evidence of any advantage and high protein without natural healthy fat will spike the insulin high…2- Amount of carbs you mentioned is so high… it will guarantee unhealthy weight gain3- folate us naturally occuring in raw leafy greens… much better than the supplement

  2. Gillian Fraley

    It`s been three months since I have attempted to get pregnant and now I`m searching for something totally new to try. Fortunately, I tried the “wucu shocking plan” (Google it) This plan is an amazing guide in seeing your body’s differences and menstrual periods. I`m heartening my buddies to try to plan. You could learn further by getting to Google.

  3. Heather Zink

    My buddy and her spouse have been trying to have a baby for 3 years. Their counsellors told them on most situations where their problem was “unknown.” My friend made a decision to purchase the “wucu shocking plan” (Google it) and after months of sticking to the plan, her pregnancy was a success. To acquire extra particulars regarding this wonderful method, please go to Google.

  4. Carole Bennett

    in the year 2013, I grasped and adopted the procedures in the "wucu shocking plan" (Google it) in the month of May. After three months of its help, in I found out that I had conceived. I bore to a healthy seven pound boy. Very regretful doctors! To mug up much about this great plan, just find the information from Google.

  5. Matt Hayes

    My pal and her spouse made an earnest effort to get pregnant for 3 years. Their doctors told them on numerous situations where their problem was “unknown.” They resolved opting for the “wucu shocking plan” with following the instructions in the plan for two months, they managed expectant. Simply visit Google to get further knowhow regarding this new plan.

  6. Irma Watson

    At thirty-four years, I couldn’t trust that my luck ran out when it came to having children. I spent over $21,000 on childlessness treatments to help me out do sterility. I didn’t get any promising fall outs. auspiciously, "wucu shocking plan"(Google it) assisted me conceive kids. You can get to Google to learn much about this special formula.

  7. Vasquez Vasquez

    kindly get to Google to find out more specifics about the pregnant plan "wucu shocking plan” (Google it) It assisted me get over a big fertility hitch at the age of forty-four. I was so excited during my period was late. I am ushering me for motherhood I am now preparing myself into parenthood.

  8. Vasquez Vasquez

    My motherhood has greately changed through the pregnant plan “wucu shocking plan” (Google it) Last week, I undertaken a pregnancy examination. I am happy that the results were positive. I always believed there was a better medication for my childlessness. Through the plan, I am cheerful to break the fact that my life is presently better. To find further info regarding it, simply go to Google.

  9. Aaron Flores

    I adopted the "wucu shocking plan" (Google it) when my spouse and I decided it was moment for a baby. kindly use Google to understand reason this plan is improving numerous lives. After changing my diet and adopting the formula for three months, I learnt that I was going to end up being a parent. Despite being in the older maternal age bracket, this plan has changed my life around.

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