Do Spirits Play a Role in Addiction? – Swedenborg and Life

Do Spirits Play a Role in Addiction? – Swedenborg and Life

Could there be spiritual forces at play when it comes to cravings and addiction? A career scientist who recorded his spiritual experiences has some thoughts.


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  1. Becoming Unlost

    Is it not ironic to discuss Rationality in the context of dealing with evil spirits…, I'm not sure whats rational in such a context, I think I'm a bit of a mad man, but then again I am listening to Swedenborg, what of that matches with rationality, of course its a spirit, I have dealt with alcohol problems for years, its so destructive, I know it tastes like shit its poisonous to the mind and body and its a waste of money that leads to embarrassment , I hate it but that didn't stop me from buying and drinking it yesterday, I went to a store full of a vast variety of alcohol and there I didn't buy any and managed to barely even think of it but on the way home came a strong impulse to stop at a store, and there I fought to minimize …., But ya know whats wrong with aa and 12 step rehab programs, Well as you described the many spirits of addiction following each person addicted, well now how great an idea is it then to bring together all the spirits of all the addicts to gather together under one roof and have people hold hands and people of many different beliefs with many spirits join hands form a circle and pray to a non descript higher power

  2. A Mind With Heart

    What about SUGAR??? It is so acceptable in society, but it follows the pattern… feels good at first, then we get a "crash", hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc. etc. Also, is there any way to help or protect a loved one who is an alcoholic from "attacks" by "dead alcoholics"?? Thank you!

  3. Helen Crump

    Wow! This is the most important information on YouTube. I took a meditation class where our teacher told us about this kind of stuff. But he would only share a little at a time. In the end he was trying to control us and created a cult. We found out later he was drinking quite heavy right before meditation class. Holding space on a buzz. Ummm… thank ya jerkwad! (My teacher not you)

  4. Dr J-Jerry Marzinsky

    Sametra, if those voices are demeaning, negative and derogatory, know that they do not come from you and do not belong to you.  Also know that they are lies.  They are a trap for those who do not believe evil spirits exist and this is what these demonic entities are counting on.  If their victim does not believe evil spirits exist and that the voices are hallucinations as psychiatry arrogantly insists, then no other conclusion can be drawn than they are produced by your mind and belong to you and eventually the belief that they are you and who you are.  This is what they are counting on, the falsity that our educational and medical system do not believe in evil spirits and that anyone who hears such is mentally ill and needs to be drugged up or locked up.  All their toxic medications do is suppress the voices.  They don't get rid of them and they eventually rot out the patients nervous system.  These negative entities are attracted to negative emotional energy which is their food source.  The thoughts they inject into your mind are constantly and unswervingly negative and derogatory, specifically designed to generate the negative emotional energy on which they feed.  The voices are repelled by anything positive and are attracted to all things negative such as the mainstream news, murder mysteries and horror shows.  As Swedenborg has told us we constantly have various thoughts flowing into your minds.  These entities are masters of injecting the negative.  It is critical that we step back and notice the nature of the thoughts flowing into our minds and choose carefully which ones we decide to invest energy in.  When you step back and watch these negative thoughts coming in, you can't help but realize that you are the watcher and not the thought.  Do not try to block them as what you resist persists.  You can inform the entity that it is not welcome in your mind and that it can take its negative thought and return to the hell from which it came.  It wants you to believe those thoughts belong to you and act on them which will always get you in deeper trouble with those around you.  Positive spiritual material such as the information provided by Curtis's Off the left eye series is toxic to these parasitic entities.  It appears you can sense them in others and it would be wise to avoid those kinds of people.  We've presented more information about these entities on the following sites.       (under the paranormal section)                                          DrJ

  5. Sametra Knight

    I am so glad I saw this video because I myself have been hearing voices so annoying that I would turn off the lights so they would leave me alone. I finally opened up and told someone about what was happening to me. I often would see things and feel things around me and if I am mostly happy and I would attract kind people and the moment I would be around people that have bad intentions and I found my self left very confused and extremely moody and mean to the point that become demonic in a evil worded and attack people verbally. I sense people's ora's I just so freaked to hear this in the video.

  6. Gordon Brown

    Curtis, how fun! All these years of making the proclamation, "The "Devil" made me do it;" is perfectly valid. Too bad that does not absolve us of accountability for the evil things we do. The ability to forgive and my addictions have been my greatest challenges in my life. The approach you espouse in this presentation is viable. Otherwise, it seems that one addiction (even though it may be of lesser evil), is substituted. If an individual is prone to addiction, he or she must be aware that the evil spirits will attempt to substitute a "lesser" addiction. Our only hope is to include the Savior in kicking our weaknesses. Congrad on yet another fine presentation!

  7. Don Smajlovic

    These Swedenborg videos are such stories , this doesnt agree with the Bible at all , talking about shedding your negativity after death what a bunch of nonsense , if you die in your sin you go to hell period , only Christ can forgive you and save you , this is why we were warned if something doesnt agree with the Bible cast it aside

  8. Neo Blue

    George Ritchie was talking about spirits that were still hanging around on earth in bars clinched on humans trying to get a sip of the drink or a sigarette to smoke…those spirits can be compared to what Swedenborg was talking about?

  9. TeeAngel Grimes

    Lets not confuse what alcoholism is, its a disease that centers in the mind, which is actually 'wired up' differently to people who are not alcoholics . A lot of things you talked of is the ego mind which we all posess….and l think this vid could scare or confuse a person new in recovery, we need to just keep it simple and work with the tools we are given .Just sayen 🙂 God bless..

  10. Hella Quinn No.1

    Wow such honesty from so many viewers here commenting. And it's such a rare sight to see others accepting their brutally ugly honesty and being empathetic and sincere rather than those who want to make cruel jokes and such. I just wanted to tell anyone on here how much I truly empathize with your struggles and hardships. I hope that all of you live a long and happy life.

    P.S. Thanks again, Curtis! Always a pleasure to see your videos.

  11. ramon sandoval

    The spirit (energy) is life, when the spirit is not strong enough, it ends in all kinds of addictions, everything is caused by the common enemy, science looks at it but has no idea what it is, religion completely ignores it, Or suspect what it is, but do not want to go against their religious guidance, confuse our purpose (energy), stop life (energy) within our body. In this life and the next stay in the light. Ramon Sandoval.

    El espiritu (energia) es la vida, cuando el espiritu no es lo suficiente fuerte, termina en toda clase de adicciones, todo es causado por el enemigo comun la ciencia lo mira pero no tiene ide lo que es, la religion lo desconoce completamente, o sospechan lo que es, pero no quieren ir en contra de su guia religiosa, confundir nuestro espiritu (energia) proposito, parar la vida (energia) dentro de nuestro cuerpo. En esta vida y la siguiente quedate en la luz. Ramon Sandoval.

  12. jim colegrove

    Ephesians 2 : 2….God made you alive, though you were dead in your trespasses and sins, 2) in which you at one time walked according to the system of things of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience . 3) Yes, among them we all at one time conducted ourselves in harmony with the desires of our flesh, caring out the will of the flesh and of our thoughts……

  13. misty694

    I find this insightful, Curtis… thanks for sharing. I wonder what your thoughts are regarding gambling addictions or other forms of compulsions that may be harmful/deforming to the physical self (e.g. trichotillomania, skin picking, etc). Thank you.

  14. The Sleuth's Report

    According to Swedenborg one minute he is saying that when you die it is a wonderful experience with heavenly places and next he's saying that if your a smoker then you'll be trying to nick fags off the living. If its so wonderful why do spirits end up with this torment?

  15. Mark A

    Great Job. As a recovered Alcoholic-Drug user. I can honestly relate to what happened in a spiritual sense. I'm 100% sure, that recovered/deliverance could not have taken place until I came to total submission to God.
    I tried for a long time under my own will to stop using mind-altering chemicals. I was unsuccessful under my own power, but when I surrender completely, It was like another power was then able to take control and order that demon to leave my mind, body and soul….
    That was nearly 7 yrs ago this April, and I can honestly say, the urges, voices, torment and desires to do anything in relation, has not returned or bother me to this day. Amen!

  16. Bill Anderson

    Great show.I have 14 years sober in AA and can relate to this subject on several levels.First I refer this, to my self, as "dancing on the penumbra". I have a spirit that caused me to bite my tongue. I deeply appreciate having a psychologist explain this from a science/professional point of view. He validates that those who have these experiences are not necessarily crazy. This does mean it requires constant maintenance of your self to surf this stuff. There are several levels of "Higher Power" that one calls on to help rides you through this journey.

  17. havolei

    This video explained much and gave me hope of finally defeating my demons of addiction. Thank You!
    I became aware of Swedenborg only last year. He's the greatest religious philosopher of my home land Sweden, and we don't even learn about him in school!
    Can You believe? It's absurd.
    Our great author Strindberg (1849-1912) though, was litteraly saved by Swedenborg, when he was about to loose his mind, attacked by demons.
    There is a Swedenborgian tradition among many of Sweden's greatest authors and poets, but that's not often talked about.
    God bless!

  18. Mortal Clown

    I always thought of addiction as a disease if someone else had it and a moral failing if I did. It ended up being silly semantics but the end result is that I somehow survived a huge years long prescription opiate habit – 50 Vicodin ES a DAY – but quit cold turkey walking into a mtg in July of '98.

    I heard awful voices prior to quitting. Since I had experienced 7 years of sobriety before that death march of a relapse, I knew the struggle was for my very life. To paraphrase Steve Earle, I'm not so arrogant that I think I was saved for something special, but I'm a curious son of a so and so and wanna know what I'm here for now.

    The Universe has fallen angels who are powerful but they can't hold a candle to the ones who serve LIGHT. Those are the majority. Carl Jung theorized that drunks and addicts are mystics seeking shortcuts. (Again, paraphrasing.)

    If you're out there still and have somehow found this page: Your best angels have you in hand. Join that energy, holler for more of them! Your bliss is God's deepest dream coming true. I send you peace and prayers mixed with tears of understanding. Selah.

  19. Thomas Gontarz

    This is why Swedenborg changed the world. Insight into what makes a person tick.Psychiatrists/Psychologists don't believe any of this,can't hear it or don't want to, addiction is big business. It is too deep for the average person. Too bad because every addict need's to hear this. Taking on the tough problems should be the mission of those who love their country. Good job Curtis.

  20. Louise Blackman

    I have known people who are addicted to relationships, they obsess about a person and will do anything to catch, trap or keep the person they are fixated upon. It is a terrible, toxic poison but in their minds they believe that it is God given because of the music they listen to and the novels they read.

  21. Jane Doe

    If you think about it, most of the seven deadly sins are related to addictions. Greed – addiction to money. Lust – addiction to sex. Gluttony – addiction to food other things. Wrath – addiction to hate. Pride – addiction to yourself/ego. Sloth – addiction to laziness. The seven deadly sins each have a demon assigned to them. They strive to get humanity to become entwined, brought down and eventually destroyed by these desires. So yes, it make COMPLETE sense that the demonic realm is behind addiction.

  22. Alison Oatis

    Without looking at this I can tell you, "Spirit definitely play a roll in your addiction". Your intuition can give you a big hint. Spirit still craves human feeling,hunger and getting high….smoking is a big one. Be aware and question why you want to do something. Not All Spirits Are Evil Who Still Crave The Worldly Pleasures.

  23. Fa Fa

    I have (strong) food cravings,especially for sugary food,and I usually end up eating a lot of dessert and always think about it .Can anyone explain to me does it mean some spirits craved for food through me?what can i do to stop this problem?To make positive confictions like doing exercise and eat healthily?it bothers me a lot.Thank you anyone who would help!!

  24. Nicolas Cole

    Ill tell you this. As soon as I asked God to help me I mean I got on my chest and face in the middle of my living room and told God I cant do this any more please help me I don't wanna die. The craving for cocaine left me at that moment. It felt like I was taken in warm loving arms and I swear I heard a voice tell me " I love you and it's going to be ok." One thing I use to be very good at was holding grudges I would hold a grudge from crap that happened in High School even in my 30's. So I made cocaine my enemy. An enemy that wanted nothing from me but death and destruction and I refused to give an enemy the pleasure of causing me pain.

    23 years later and still clean I was lead by God imo to places where I didn't have to hold a grudge but to hold the love that was freely given to me and to give it back to those that can use it. True story

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