Dr Bernard Nathanson: The Abortion Papers

Dr Bernard Nathanson: The Abortion Papers

Dr Nathanson on his 2nd book which you can find here Maternal Bonding in Early …


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  1. Charles Snarls

    Christianity is based on abortion. God, the parent, killed his son for the good of the rest of the family. John 3:16 Why is it any different (or moral) when God does it? It was 'abortion on demand', God demanded, Jesus begged for mercy (sweat blood) but God demanded 'Sacrifice, not mercy' in contradiction to Jesus in Matthew 9:13  and "condemned (killed) the innocent (Jesus)"; abortion.

  2. Mike McNamara

    -Human life begins at fertilization (conception).
    -Humans in utero are the most innocent of the innocent and defenseless of the defenseless.
    -Killing innocent, defenseless humans is morally wrong – murder.
    -The Constitution guarantees the right to life.
    -Therefore the killing of an unborn human via abortion is wrong and a violation of the Constitution.

  3. Yasmine Bhandari

    I am a woman
    But I do not believe,that women have the right to murder the unborn babies.
    The unborn babies have the Foremost Right to Life.
    Unborn Babies are not a woman's property to be disposed of for a woman's convenience.
    It may be inconvienientbthat someone lives That does not give any woman the right to murder,torture ,dismember,burn alive by saline solution. Nor does the mother have the right to extinguish the life of the unborn for conveniences sake.
    The UNBORN baby is a complete human being of various sizes but human.
    Woman Do nOt Have The Right To Murder UNBORN Babies as much as they have shown their callous disregard for the unborn baby and the IMPOSING of horrendous ,suffering imposed on the unborn baby. SHAME ON WOMEN. CILD HEARTED BABY MURDERS.

  4. Yasmine Bhandari

    No matter what one does after murdering an unborn baby.
    No one can claim that they are forgiven.
    No one can say that they will be spared hell fire for murdering an unborn baby.
    That is presumption.
    That there will be punishment,will happen no doubt about that.
    There are things no one can get away from.
    Be honest.

  5. Maria Palmieri

    Religion and politics should stay out of women’s lives. This is a private matter!!! What a woman decides is her personal right. We all have rights and your rights stop where mine start. Who do old decrepit men in politics believe they are? How dare they infringe on the rights of women. Who are they to control women? What is next? Telling them where they can go and not go? Abortion laws is not the answer. We need to educate young girls to avoid getting into a position where they have to make such a difficult decision. It’s easy for MEN to talk. When have they ever been in such a position! Educate women how to take care of themselves so they don’t have to get an abortion!!! The state of Alabama is going as far as passing a law saying that even women who were raped and victims of incest could not get an abortion! So now we are punishing this woman for life for something a low life human being “a man” yes A MAN committed. Men in power who come up with such a law must hate, yes hate women so much that they will go to long lengths to hurt women. Wow! That says a lot about our society. I would like to remind everyone that when a woman decides she will get an abortion no one will be able to stop her. She will go in a back ally somewhere to do so. I guess we are heading back to the dark ages. How sad!

  6. Diane Sylvain

    Abortions are Satan's joy…..pure and simple. And even if you leave God out of this equation, the science on what is life is clear now, and pro-choice has no longer any arguments left. Women who have had abortions often suffer great emotional pain, depression and anxiety. See the documentary "Blood Money-The Business of Abortion", and of course see the movie "Unplanned".

  7. Patti Southward

    Dr. Nathanson's "Silent Scream" solidified my pro-life views at a time when I was waffling. He's one of my heroes. He was a mighty voice. To much dismay, the abortion lobby of radical feminists has the media firmly in its pockets. Praying for this man's soul.

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