Dr. Brian Clement on how to slow the aging process

Dr. Brian Clement on how to slow the aging process

This is a talk given by Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute ( at the Caldwell Theatre in Boca Raton, FL, on March …


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  1. Chris Eccles

    first of all eating cooked food evolution made our brains bigger consequently smarter because energy we used for hard digesting process came straight to the brain and it was more or less agreeable for what he said until man said: "…and thank god every day for what you got…" doctor still believe in imaginary friend? he lost all respect…

  2. yavorkin

    Not exactly, it says "difficult to determine", with some clues after that. Now, you can take a look here, here is an intro quote: "As best scientists can tell, lobsters age so gracefully they show no measurable signs of aging: no loss of appetite, no change in metabolism, no loss of reproductive urge or ability, no decline in strength or health. Lobsters, when they die, seem to die from external causes."

  3. 55rebels

    You guess right about me not buying that poison they call milk from the local supermarket. I buy my whole, raw, organic milk from a local dairy, so no, I don't have my own cow or goat.
    As for the rest of your comment; I guess you think your real funny…your point being?

  4. 55rebels

    Yeah, guess I have a bad habit of calling a spade a spade…my bad.

    What would 'you' call an individual who says you should avoid drinking water because it causes about 388,000 death every year, and we have the scientific proof to back it up?! Well, that is what Dr. Campbell is basically doing with milk. I have no doubt that he has the scientific proof that dairy products, as found on the supermarket shelves, are killing people…we agree on this FACT! But he is NOT giving you the whole story.

  5. Trevor Coyne

    I disagree with you, Dr. Campbell facts are based on scientific fact with numerous more supporting evidence from eminent scientists supporting that dairy products are cancerous forming. It would be nice to engage in healthy debate but referring to Dr. Campbell as an 'idiot' speaks volumes about the nature of person you are. Do not bother replying back as I am not interested.

  6. 55rebels

    Sorry, but Dr Cambell is an idiot; his studies were grossly flawed, and amount to nothing more than disinformation/propaganda.

    Casein only becomes a problem when the enzymes for that protein have been destroyed by pasteurization. Same thing for the lactose and fats found in milk…it's a no-brainer. Grain feeding is another BIG prob

    You really should dig deeper into into the FACTs for yourself. Ones upon a time, I also believe in that crap. Thankfully, I have since been cured of that insanity.

  7. 55rebels

    Dairy Is not the the scourge that you make it out to be, unless of course, it has been taken from sick, grain fed animals, and then pasteurized. You should educate yourself on the subject before passing on ill founded, one dimensional information. The FACT is: dairy products can be super foods, if not adulterated like the dairy products now found on your super market shelves. The study that showed dairy products to be nothing but poisons, was conducted on pasteurized dairy products, not raw.

  8. Raoul Pop

    You're welcome!

    1. We still use a Vitamix, we love it. Yes, you have to be careful when blending raw ingredients, so that you don't blend them for over 2 minutes. Under 1 minute is even better. The thing is, you can't eat some things unless you blend them, so it's a balancing act.

    2. Hard water isn't necessarily bad for you or for smoothies, but it is pretty gross, the way it leaves residues everywhere. And if your body isn't functioning properly, hard water will lead to kidney stones.

  9. Hannes Grebin

    Thanks Raoul, your videos and your inner balance is very remarkable.
    2 questions for you because this video puzzled me and you even still use a Vitamix, right:

    1) Is this right, that blended stuff from those mixers, blended over one minute, will loose almost 90% of it's micro-nutritions and vitamins and he suggests just eating raw is best.

    2) is calcareous water bad for smoothies or insignificant to health from your point of view and it's affecting only minimally the taste of those smoothies?

  10. sdushdiu

    Similarly, J. McDougall's regimen (as opposed to a diet, as no one is starving themselves) also compliments the guidelines presented in Caldwell Esselstyn's regimen. that presents a BALANCED healthy scientifically based & clinically vetted whole plant based diet sans meat, eggs, dairy, oil, with moderated (high sugar) fruit intake. While green leafy vegs, etc. are the foundation, starches (rice/potatoes/corn/beans) provide the balance of caloric requirements. The % raw/cooked is your choice.

  11. sdushdiu

    Fats? Weight loss is due to reduced caloric intake! Per Esselstyn & the studies of R.Vogel & L.Rudel, you limit fat intake to~10% polyunsaturated fat in WHOLE plant foods. Olive & other oils do NOT reduce endothelial cell inflammation leading to coronary heart disease. Whether cooked or raw, one would do well to look to Esselstyn's clinically vetted regimen for structure as simply eating raw is Not a balanced plan. & all the Qs about fruit, smoothies, etc are also addressed in the regimen.

  12. Yoga Bliss Dance

    I lost weight too, but felt great but yeah one for sure loses weight. You needed more healthy fats. I'm not feeling that low fat raw is quite right, as the brain adn our cells need fat. Also it is what makes us feel satiated. So perhaps that would help but as RP says, dont' shoot for %100 percent, its' helpful to be doing it to a degree depending on your healht goals.

  13. Raoul Pop

    Your diet was quite likely imbalanced and you weren't getting what you needed. First, no one should every go 100% raw, cold. It's something you build toward. You start with 10% raw, then 20% raw, then 30% and so on till you get to somewhere around 70-80% raw and the rest cooked vegan food. Then you can decide to go certain periods of time with 100% raw, particularly if you have a disease you want to cure or if you want to seriously detox. You need to read up. Get raw advice and recipe books.

  14. Hubble Deepfield

    Thanks for the vid! I have tried the raw lifestyle and the longest I could do it was 2 months 100%raw. I kept losing too much weight! Any tips on the weight issue? Also, how the hell does Brian maintain such a build in a raw diet? Is he 100% raw?

  15. Matt Sladen

    Cannabis cures cancer, baking soda cures cancer, alkaline diet cures cancer, proper meditation cures cancer, there are so many ways. Why doesn't the general public know about it? Money. Why would the industry want to cure people? There's no MONEY in CURES! There's money in chemotherapy, lots and lots of it. Chemo only has a 3% success rate, and more people die from chemo than from cancer itself. But go ahead, keep putting your trust in the matrix.

  16. thaT1000

    I eat raw organic chicken liver twice a week, raw free range eggs, and raw grass fed beef…and of course many raw vegetables, fruits and juices. My health is amazing, never get sick, and I don't seem to age. You clearly have no understanding of Dr. Clements point.

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