Dr. Oz 5 Healthy Foods – Raw Foods

Dr. Oz 5 Healthy Foods – Raw Foods

This is a video Dr. Oz ( We do not own this video. Raw foods such as vegetables, fruit and grains like those found in …


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  1. Susan Snow

    Eating plant proteins and eating a variety of dark leafy greens, red onions,  berries and other healthy, non starchy fruits and vegetables will reduce pain and inflammation. For fats, I eat nuts and seeds in limited amounts and as long as I'm active, I still lose weight. I lost  65 pounds eating healthy foods cited in Dr. Neal Barnard's book, Foods that Fight Pain, after I fractured  my lumbar spine in 2012.  My bad cholesterol went from 300 to 100, my heart murmur disappeared and all without drugs.  I do eat foods grown by the organic method –certified organic, non-processed foods (raw), including super foods.  But I found that even eating wild salmon, made the nerves around my spine hurt, so I stopped eating all meat.

    Other than my fractures, my body is very healthy.  Now I need more weight bearing exercise and less sitting, which will help get my body to lose more girth and build stronger bones.

    I eat very little processed foods, and the only processed foods I do eat, have only one or two ingredients, all of which are certified organic.  I eat a minimal amount of supplements getting most my nutrients from a variety of plant foods, with the exception of Vitamin B-12.  To learn more about Nutrition when eating vegan, I've found the web site for Dr. Michael Greger –Nutrition Facts –very helpful and I receive his mailings weekly.

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