Dr Sebi Diet – 8 Alkaline Foods That Will Flush Toxins And Mucus From Your Body

Dr Sebi Diet – 8 Alkaline Foods That Will Flush Toxins And Mucus From Your Body

Those are the 8 Alkaline Foods That Will Flush Toxins And Mucus From Your Body Dr Sebi Recommended. What is mucus? Mucus is a normal, slippery and …


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  1. Muhammad kapuna

    Hey everyone am Kapuna from Mumble, India I am here to share my experience after using dr kanayo 14 Natural herb treatment to cure my hiv permanently. I’ve been suffering from herpes for over two years some people took advantage of my sickness and scamed me of my money couple of times. I felt all hope was lost until last week I came across dr. Kanayo videos on YouTube but I was scared at first when I contacted him but with faith I gave his treatment a try. It shows out that his 14 days natural herbs treatment really dose work miracles. I got cured permanently after using dr kanayo it flush all the virus out. I was over warm with joy when my doctor told me I was hiv negative and handed me my test results behold when I opened it my hiv positive has changed to negative in just 14 days wow, I was so amazed that same day I want to another hospital my results came out negative as well and it’s all thanks to dr. Kanayo 14 days natural herbs treatment. I always pray God keep you safe from the government. Thank you so much Dr I’m so glad I found you. Anyone suffering from Hiv should seriously consider using dr kanayo natural herb treatment, this is WhatsApp number ## <<<<<+1 (909) 375 5642>>>>>>

  2. Gloria Hawkins

    Unbelievable I am just so happy that am no longer HIV positive after using Dr. Kanayo herbal mixture to cure myself. I contacted the virus from my Ex boyfriend two years ago. After he told me he was HIV positive I want for a test that was when I found out I have got HIV from him tho… The unbelievable happened to me last month I met this guy from a HIV guidance and counseling center he introduced me to Dr. Kanayo herb that cured him from HIV after using it for just two weeks. I thought to myself and contacted the Dr. whatsapp number he gave me +1(909)-375-5642 he told me about his herbal medicine and how it works that I only have to use it for 2 weeks. But I have doubts at first because it sounds too good to be truth I just heard a voice in my head after praying that night advising me to purchase his medicine. I paid him the price and gave him my address, three days later there was a delivery man knocking on my door I was happy when he told me it was from Dr. Kanayo. To cut the long story short I used it just as he instructed before going for a new test this time my result was showing Negative twice my doctor was so amaze because the virus was no where to be found, I just broke down in tears and started thanking God and Dr. Kanayo for curing me and ever since I had promised him I will keep sharing my testimony with the public because everyone deserves a chance to be cured. I never really like taking the ARV drugs I am sooo glad I don't have to take it anymore tho lol.

  3. Ricket Dykes

    Damn people trying to profit off of Dr.Sebi's name,I wonder if the family has approved of all these people using Dr.Sebi's name to make money,where were you all when he was on this plain,before he passed on to the otherside?

  4. Gerald Green

    Chris Rock was so right..they don't want you to use your drugs, they want you to use their drugs, so they can get your money and get you on the comeback…look what they are doing to weed right now ,and if they ever do set up another place to live on another planet ,do you really think they taking us with them?

  5. Shoaib Raeena

    Hello people. Rest In Peace dr sebi you were a good man so I heard. But I need to share my experience after using Doc kanayo 14 days natural herb treatment to cure my type two diabetes, you can text/call him on WhatsApp +1(909375-5642) I was recently diagnosed with type two diabetes ever since I have been very worried. I pray to God every day until last month I saw a post from a lady named Cassandra here on YouTube giving a testimony of how she was cured from Hiv after using Doc kanayo natural herbs treatment without doubt I contact doc kanayo and purchase his medicine after using it as instructed by him for 14 days I was totally free from diabetes. Lol thank you God for using Doc kanayo to cure me. I promise to always remember you in my prayers Dr. K you are the best

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