Dr. Tel-Oren on Top Foods for Optimal Health, Longevity, & Detoxification

Dr. Tel-Oren on Top Foods for Optimal Health, Longevity, & Detoxification

Supplementary information to Dr. Tel-Oren’s free “Top Ten Foods” lecture available at Find out here why the concept of …


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  1. looneyAX

    He mentions all nuts becoming rancid when you pulverize and roast them but you can't tell because they taste so good. Well I've noticed that peanut butter that's really old can smell/taste rancid. Is this a different kind of rancid that occurs or just a higher level of rancid that got so bad that you can sense it?

  2. The Artificial Society

    Except for the salt part, the philosophy seems to be pretty good. Key aspects in diet are low protein, low fat, high complex carbohydrates, plant based. Use whole plant foods like whole grains, potatoes, vegetables, some fruit, some legumes. Dont use nuts or avocado if you have heart disease but rather just one tablespoon of ground flax or chia seeds. Salt must be kept to very small amounts.

  3. Marco Palladino

    Thank you for debunking some of those vegan dogmas that don't help into finding the best way to health. Gray, raw salt for instance was a complete game changer for me. Table salt is so concentrated and sodium only to be poison and you can taste as it burns your mouth, I even perceive it now inside the packaged foods where it is used making them less palatable to me, but raw salt has shown as incredibly good for me, it contains minerals other than sodium, it regulated water in my body and energy levels, gave me better hydratation, for sure helped to cure adrenal fatigue (even if the switch to plant-only nutrition was the major factor), also it removed any craving for sugars.

  4. skipgap

    what if there was an Influence to change the way you thought about the way you ate, commercials showing how to eat your breakfast and how many companies have a stake in getting a percentage out of you with processed food. How much % of a grocery store processed food…maybe the 80-90 percent in the center.

  5. skipgap

    What if you were living a 1000 years ago …what could you get your hands on that would be prevalent and what could you by chance eat if you were just lucky that day. It's as simple as that w/o the extra chemicals. And of course we learned from different cultures. LIFE AIN'T ABOUT MEAT AND POTATOES, DAY OLD BREAD, SIMPLE CARBS, FOOD THAT IS LACED WITH SOMETHING TO HOOK YOU.

  6. Maria Strela

    Awesome lecture. Especially agree that all wholesome food is superfood. So superfood is not limited to kale, goji berry, chia seed, flax seeds, real veggies and fruits, sea algae, sea veggies (real food) are all superfood.

  7. missthunderstormable

    haha, what about the level of civilization we reached? if we foraged forrests all day long instead of going to the supermarket, and there s plenty of supermarkets with great whole foods, well we wouldnt have any time left for anything else, but just think of food and search for food, like they do in Africa, hungry Africa. Exageration!

  8. dionysusnow

    Most of this is spot on but the bit on fasting not being good for you is completely inaccurate, this is from 2013 and perhaps dated, new research in may of 2016 shows that levels of GADD45B in the liver increase during fasting this decreases fatty acids in the liver. Also animals in nature self select fasting all the time.

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