Easy Oven Roasted Asparagus Recipe – Healthy Side Dish | Rockin Robin Cooks

Easy Oven Roasted Asparagus Recipe – Healthy Side Dish |  Rockin Robin Cooks

Try this roasted asparagus recipe and you’ll never eat it any other way! At least you won’t want to, it’s that good and simple! Want Some Mexican Recipes? Visit:


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  1. The Girl Who Speaks

    Good job Robin! You rocked it! And don't pay any attention to the righteous folk below, their toxic as I am sure they do all kinds of things that make people in their lives miserable… plus accept stupid things that they can't even see because they are to busy putting others down so they can feel good better about their miserable selves!

  2. Dan Baker

    Well, my wife is pissed. She said I should have broken each stem individually, resulting in much less waste. However, having been married for years, I knew to save the cutoffs. Ha, ha, ha. The asparagus cooked up perfect. I had thin stems and 10 minutes was just right.

  3. Brian Campbell

    Great advice for storing & roasting asparagus!  I'm going to give it a try.  Thanks!  May I suggest, though, that you use a neutral oil with a higher smoke point?  Extra-virgin olive oil has a very low smoke point (well below 300F), so at 425F, you're breaking down all the impurities that taste so good & imparting an off flavor to your food. Extra-virgin olive oil is meant for cold preparations like vinaigrette, aioli, etc.  It's not for high-heat cooking.  Its a shame to pay extra to get cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil (organic even) & then destroy its taste by heating it, something you paid extra for the processors not to do.

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