Easy Squash Soup Recipe ~ Never Buy Canned Again!

Easy Squash Soup Recipe ~ Never Buy Canned Again!

It’s so quick & easy to make a big pot of squash soup and for a fraction of the price of canned. Check out this recipe and you’ll never buy another can of squash …


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  1. Raquel ZH

    It’s been ages since I don’t log in YouTube but I’ve followed you for… 8-9 years? My nick was “triskelita” before, just in case you remember. You’re doing even better than before. Thanks so much for sharing all your wisdom and your tricks.

  2. T ITD

    I make a similar soup, but I use frozen butternut squash cubes that I roast (because I am lazy) and add about a 1/4 cup of coconut milk and garnish with pumpkin seeds, and some red pepper flakes, but I will have to try your version.

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