Easy Yoga for #Thyroid and #Anti-Aging – Supported Shoulderstand

Easy Yoga for #Thyroid and #Anti-Aging – Supported Shoulderstand

This easy Yoga tutorial will teach you a supported shoulderstand that is great for improving thyroid health. You will love the anti-aging benefits it brings, …


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  1. Kiki Says

    Yes, dry brushing helps cellulite! so glad you shared that here for others to read. Well, no worries if you are not graceful..yet. Just be slow and safe. Big hug Grasshopper (which is a kind of a big LOL) kiki

  2. Kiki Says

    Take this first thing in the morning before you eat – after your dry brush, shower etc. if you have a rushed morning, take it before dinner – early evening – on an emptyish stomach,…let me know how it goes..Kiki

  3. Kiki Says

    Sharing this information and knowing it can benefit your life – means a great deal to me – so thanks for your positive feedback…keep watching…best, Kiki oh and come say hi on facebook at Kiki Says

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