Eat Healthy for Under $20

Eat Healthy for Under $20

Do you believe healthy foods are out of your budget? Dr. Oz reveals how you can feed your family delicious, nutritious meals all for less than $20.


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  1. Taylor D

    salmon croquets lol more like salmon cakes my dad used to tell me that those were private broke meals and also they're super unhealthy no matter how you cook them?…if you want to save money and eat healthy don't be afraid to coupon

  2. jessethebooktuber

    Olive oil,all meat and diary products are not health foods olive oil is liquid fat fish has mercury in it and meat has no fiber just fat and heart clogging fat that causes heart attacks,diabetes,brain disorders,different kinds of cancers,nose,acne,penis and the list gos on just look at same studies about it.That gos for eggs to.

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