In this weekly broadcast, Chef AJ. the author of UNPROCESSED, host of the television show Healthy Living and the creator of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program, answers your questions about healthy,…


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  1. bonnie weston

    I have your book unprocessed and haven’t made this soup. Now I am making it. I need to know how long to cook it in the instant pot. Watching this show it was like 50 min. That sounds way too long. Is that how long you cooked it on high pressure? Thank you.

  2. Seamus Warren

    I think Palm Oil was at one point disguised or hidden by dubious labelling practices as “Blended Edible Vegetable Oil” or “Vegetable Oil”.

    State apparatus, institutions and democracy itself are undermined by corporate dollars extracting wealth in an upward direction to the parasitic 1% in their gated communities. 🤪

    The parasite first anaesthetises the host so we become apathetic and sit back while they loot the treasury, avoid taxation and infrastructure crumbles.

    Big money Pharmaceuticals, Fossil Fuels, the NRA targeting what they call “The X-Box Generation” (with fluorescent guns and targets shaped like zombies) and a Military Industrial Complex driving perpetual war.

    Follow the money. 🤪

  3. Seamus Warren

    Bit of a random query I suppose, 🤪

    Considering a companion animal (small dog) where I live and wondering if we can sustain a healthy animal on “unprocessed” starches and greens?

    I presume dogs – like humans – have for millennia been opportunistic omnivorous scavengers.

    Domestic cats are presumably carnivores.

  4. stacy h

    Hi chef AJ just to let you know I have ordered the Ultimate weight loss programme I'm just now waiting for the links to come through I'm very excited:) Thank you for making these videos I look forward to joining the private facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kathleen North

    I love you guys and have so much gratitude for your videos. I wanted to tell you that last night I went to bed discouraged thinking that if I wanted to follow the recommendations here I would have to get up an hour early at least so I could eat a huge salad and have time to get hungry again to eat a starch or find time at work later in the morn when I do get hungry or be hungry till lunch time. Sometimes I don't have time for lunch so it might be till dinner. Then if I don't get off work early enough I'd be going against the recommendation to not eat after 7. So last night at 9p I'm eating a bowl of soup while I listening to this video about not eating so late. I'm hearing that I should be able to sleep even if I'm hungry and this is the thing. I have been in bed many times before not wanting to get out of the warm to go get food but hungry enough that I can't sleep. I have resisted for hours before because I am too lazy to get up. Then I drag myself up, eat a potato, and go to sleep. I'm getting that we don't want alot of wiggle room for addicts to make excuses to eat the wrong stuff at the wrong time. I totally believe veggies for breakfast curb my cravings because I've experienced this. Sometimes they are good enough till lunch. Sometimes on hungrier days, I'm also thinking that my steel cut oats with a 1/2 lb of veggies that keeps me happy till lunch (sometimes I have some veggies or fruit in between) are a good thing that I don't want to feel guilty about even though I have lots of weight to lose. Sometimes I eat salad first but not so much that I can't eat a potato right after so that I am satisfied till lunch. On weekends with more time I've been eating a big salad and then later eating some startch. That's gotta be good enough. I just got myself off my bp meds and started losing. My cravings are losing their grip. I want to keep going. Not that I'm not seriously considering if I'm being resistent for foolish reasons…..sigh. Some days I feel it's a victory just to eat plants with no oil.

  6. Amy Klassen

    Hi Chef AJ! I always watch your episodes on Youtube – thanks for all you do. I just bought your book Unprocessed and am eagerly awaiting it in the mail. You just mentioned that you may do a revised version when you release your new book. Will you provide some kind of update pdf/notes for those people who already have the original? Thanks!

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