Extreme gender segregation is problematic, NOT Islamic

Extreme gender segregation is problematic, NOT Islamic

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  1. Student

    Food for thought:
    Puritanist men and Puritanist women at times make a fuss and demand segregated spaces in gatherings of Muslims e.g. family gatherings, religious gatherings etc.

    In such gatherings these "pious" people make out that in a so-called true Islamic society, men and women would be so pious, they would never mix, they would walk on separate pavements, and practically live in totally separate worlds.

    Total hypocrisy! You will see that these same Puritanist men and Puritanist women go to shops and are served by those from the other gender; work with colleagues of the other gender, sit in the same room, and eat in the same canteens; walk around in markets with those from the other gender all around them; sit and stand on buses and the underground close to and next to those from the other gender.

    Where does this self-piety go then? If they were basing all their actions on being careful and cautious lest it may lead to temptation and ultimately zina, then should they not be sitting at home locked away or taking a one-way ticket to a desert island to live there out of sight and out of mind?

  2. Student

    "Muslims are meant to have haya. Haya demands that men and women should always be segregated."

    Haya is actually about not alluring and seducing the opposite gender to immorality. Haya does NOT mean that one becomes a socially retarded misfit!

  3. Student

    "One thing leads to another. Therefore there should be no gender interaction as it eventually leads to zina."

    This is the nonsense often spewed out by gender segregation extremists.

    You can use the "one thing leads to another" rhetoric to essentially condemn anything by linking it to an unfavourable outcome.

    Consider the following:
    Studying leads to reading. Reading leads to knowledge. Knowledge leads to arrogance. Arrogance leads to hell.

    Lesson: don't let the "one thing leads to another" scaremongering rhetoric confuse you and cloud your judgements.

  4. Student

    "Ok then I agree, men and women amongst the companions interacted with each other but their eeman was strong which is why there was no issue when they interacted. Today our eeman is not as strong as the companions which is why we need men and women who are not blood-related to unconditionally stop interacting."

    How far do we go? Are we going to say Salah is now fardh 6 times a day rather than 5 times a day because our eeman is not at the level of the sahaba?


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