Therefore I will divide him a portion with the many, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong, because he poured out his soul to death and was numbered with the transgressors; yet he bore…


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  1. Jeff H

    Hey Derek – For many years I have been questioning the Bible trying to decipher Truth from Lies and when I seem to figure it out and head down the correct path that God wants me to follow. I am attacked, spiritually and once even physically by an unknown force. Then I return to the way of the world and the attacks stop. I hear the message God is sending through you, hopefully this time I can stay the course. I pray for strength, I pray for Truth and I pray for the protection.

  2. P Prins

    Thank YOU So much for sharing your news again. YES I Will speak and love the poor one, the homeless, the drug adicts and the alcoholic ones. The prostitués etc etc. Why? Because I walked all this roads myself and know How much value the Words are; your worth living woman. I truly know the meaning of pure love and that it’s all we really need in this satanic world. I Will Be brave and continue this path that finally gave me the real meaning of living. Thx So much!! Love YOU!!

  3. jane doe

    Greetings Brother, I have truly enjoyed your videos.. You need to make more.. The live chat for me was not as enjoyable.. You lost your train of thought to many times during the live chat.. For time is short and the message is so important.. Please ignore the Bots do not waste your energy on the negative comments.. Just send them love… I am native American and we have always spoken directly to the Father… We are the Son when the Son was crucified he was resurrected and dwells in us.. Religion is man-made.. We have cleansed this Earth many times.. Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.. This is the last time Mother Earth is tired of all the bloodshed.. Mother Earth is alive the Earth was formed from Giants.. I will be seeing you soon.. Much Love and respect many blessings to you… Thank you for all your hard work.. The Father and Mother love you all

  4. Stefan Jovanovic

    Started to listen to you a while ago and ive been following since than. I dont know if ur aware but there are many other sources that say same things as you do. I would like to give ask your opinion of these sources. For example a book called law of one , by l/l research and many others… if ur interested ill leave my email so we can talk privately or i can just post links to books here up to you….
    Im also curious in your method of getting information from God, thats my main reson for posting this comment

  5. JokerMouce

    i spoke to you two day ago and today, wednesday the 14th, is when i watched this video.Its taken a lifetime to realise why there was an angel in my childhood and I believe that may have made me a threat but never saw or understood that until now.  i know how little ive known most my life, how little I still know, and what I have to do.Ive only realised such a small amount. ive only seen such a tiny bit. Scales fall sometimes slowly or maybe they werent supposed to until now. The words you spoke were to me before i even asked for them. i feel the love in you and hope you see it in me.thank you

  6. Original Bri

    Good Morning, this was such a powerful message to me today; I know it is for everyone, but it felt like you was speaking directly to me. I have a saying that I had tattooed on me a few years back. It's called FaithOverFear 20yrs ago I faced death and have never looked back. My world turned inside out. Since then i have never feared death. As im ready. Although, i have found im still here for a few reasons, i think to share my story with a few ppl that will understand. Bc i need to show them the way to the Father. This person in particular doesn't believe bc he feels he got the wrong end of a deal with his life. However he is what saved me. Now im trying to show him the faith. This mornings message, just reinforced my purpose to him and others. Thank you! Amen and Bless You!

  7. Steven Korycki

    People that have been put through hell have a better sense of what's wrong I myself well cheated death twice lost materials, people, homeless a few times and I'm not sure if you know what all it does but survived spinal mengitis but still here and death is not scary it more of a freedom from this meatbag my soul is residing in so I know I ain't the only one but I am one of the people that thus far keep getting up after each beating and making it that much harder to stop my progress.

  8. Cynthia Akana

    I have so much love and respect for Global Witness…and for all of you! I'm so happy to have you all as brethren, to watch this grow, and see the sleeping awaken is so wonderfully blissful in itself. I hope to see, and meet, share and hear the stories that have brought us all here now. Peace, love and light to all….And a big fat kiss for DB! The Father's word is manifesting the beauty it was always meant to be through YOU! I'm humbled and so grateful, I wish that I may do the same, or be part of it somehow.

  9. keith simmons

    My name is keith and I’m from Waterloo Iowa. I’ve always known Who God is and that God the Father loves me. That being said I have had an odd life. War, homelessness, bad lifestyle choices like alcoholism. The one thing that I do remember about my time in the pit is hearing people on multiple occasions blaspheme God, and regardless of my circumstances. I was quick to let them know that God is not the reason we’re in this condition and that He doesn’t deserve to be mistreated after creating our eternal soul, and wants for us to choose home and hope instead of disaster. I’m 47 now and have been sober, married, since 2013. I have felt this coming for a long time. Last year I snapped awake. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do yet. I’m learning more all the time. Yet I feel like I know nothing. That’s not saying in a bad way, it’s just that I really don’t know that much but I have been in front of people to talk and the words were right there. I have read the Bible a lot. And I remember being in church and Sunday school and they preach and talk about verses, and they just had their own story made up about a verse that just was nothing to do with what it said. This is getting long, really wanted to say I just found your teaching last week. This is absolutely true. I am so glad I found you. I love you. I ask anyone who would to pray for my family, especially my wife. She is suffering with cancer. She doesn’t like to talk about spiritual things. I take care of her with love and comfort. I know she is afraid. I wish I could get through to her she doesn’t have to be afraid. I love you all. Talk more later.

  10. james dean

    i feel you on this brother and I believe in God and our savior Jesus Christ but I only believe in the words of God the ten commandments and only a very small part of the Bible because man himself has written much of the Bible and man has proved himself not trust worthy and what I hear you say today is very uplifting and puts new thought into an old mind God Bless

  11. Nancy Van Nguyen

    I may have been put through hell without good reason…I have been Slandered if you know the meaning of that word…I have had my material possessions taken away from me, both hard earned and both Inherited..I will be coming close to the time I take my last dying breath, I will not and told them straight to their faces I will never sell my soul to there evil entities of people..they twist words like you cannot imagine, they use words like they twist the arms of people(torture), till they comply. We the people of our planet Earth, of the 21`st Century A.D have started the comencment of Mother Earth and they know they are trapped and also shall perish along with the rest of all living organic matter that exist. They are mean people of deception and thievery..Your social security is calculated by using the formula called mean. they gather your records of your recorded income from the first annual yearly income till the last yearly income of when you retired from work,. add them together and divide the sum total by the #2.=your monthly benefit..You followers of Sigmund Freud can give me all your labels of insanity…feed me all your grams full of poison drugs.. I REALLY DON'T CARE!!! Happy Easter… Don't count your chickens before they hatch people..

  12. robert forsythe

    I know you read, just a little note of fact. My heart is not troubled but I like to know the future. there are many signs. We have lived many lives on this mother earth and This planet is close to its end. I do not know what tomorrow will bring but it is clear that this heaven will be gone soon. Check out the magnetic field of this ball. Check out the number of icebergs in the north Atlantic and the Greenland melt. Check out the dead zones in our oceans. There is much more so I will not waste your time reading. I think it will be in both our present life's that we are living today. I wish you well.

  13. Lisa Curtis Lyons

    This is a hard one for me. I struggle everyday with this one. I came from a life of drugs and prison. Drugs were money, money made fast. I was there lost in such a firm grip of bondage. It's been a decade 2005. I will give money and say " God Bless you" Do I give of myself. NO.. This is a personal struggle. I have a grip of empathy. I have 2 daughter's 1 in recovery. 1 in active addiction. I just broke away from that go dependent enabling situation. I am raising her 3 children. I will work on this. I am aware of what the book of James says about our faith and work. I think of it often. I hope one day to be fulfilled in my works, though it's not today it's on my agends.

  14. Riot Thomas

    Omg.. yes and always something, three flat tires back to back, the worst luck in the world, even ppl around me are scared to pick up my "luck". No matter what I try and do, even simple things going grocery shopping its always something.. always somwthing.. 😭 Oh wow, you are.. I've grown used to it, nothing scares me, I'm not afraid of death, I do get son irritated at the things that always mess up.. but.. I feel like your speaking straight to me. Wow.. I'm attacked even by people, cops coming to me about my trash cans being too close to the road, schools always attacking my kids, threatening with CPS for only God knows what, things that make zero sense…. it's non stop..

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