Fathers Chosen People-Judgement Seventy Seven Times & The Temple

Fathers Chosen People-Judgement Seventy Seven Times & The Temple

EVERYTHING the Father creates is corrupted by the enemy. The Father has his chosen so, the enemy has chosen his. Everything has its corrupt form and which form you chose becomes the choice…


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  1. Ashtons ProFiness

    Well, it's funny because no it isn't the same people, but he did go after the same Tribe. That's why the tip of the pyramid is largely (not solely!) 'jewish', because he went after them the hardest. Although there is some good evidence that the jews of modern day Israel are not Semitic at all according to a John Hopkin's University study which found 94 percent of them did not have semitic blood . . and that the Palestinians actually look more like the original hebrews should've . . SOME (not all) ((probably like 15-25 %)) of which were most likely black too. But there were many blacks whom existed and were not from that area also. So funny people always have to be 100 percent this way or the other. Reality is rarely like that. I love the Glo-ba'al witness! So many don't see how nearly everything that exists in a systemic way is already the adversaries and always has been. You're great man. <3

  2. hosiercadillac111

    I love the message you are putting out , I do and I watch everyone of them and they are great , but how do people know you aren’t picking and choosing parts of the Bible and changing the words around again , as would Lucifer , instead of reading the underlying message . Even underlying says lying in it , and truth is in all lies like live said . I know that we are to take bits and pieces of everything in our experiences and finding and learnings . Faith really is the one thing that has to be there for belief . Never trying to offend or anything but I question everything and have respect for each soul and spirit . My life has been this crazy puzzle and like you’ve said and shared about your life before , I also had that , and an awakening , but everything in my life has led me here to this . There’s not many things that down make sense , and is basic of common sense , for the ones with eye open .

  3. Bradley Buntjer

    I just listened to the podcast. Thank you so much. I came back from a NDE experience so excited to tell my now ex-wife, family, ex-pastor just exactly what you said. He's inside of us. I know for sure you're right on track. I made the mistake of saying out loud, I think we're being deceived at church. I'm single now lol. What seemed like the end has turned into an amazing new life. After hearing you're interview now I can really forgive. They have been deceived, I have too. Not anymore. LOVE IS THE ARMOR OF GOD. Amen brother. Thank you for your bravery.

  4. Sandy

    I spoke with a few and it was a pleasure. I came here the same as you searching for understanding even when there is none, a place to go where lovers of righteousness are and who are stronger collectively. Where people have pure hearts but understand that the flesh keeps you weighed down like cement blocks on your feet. I am open and honest and I do not pretend that I am something I am not. We do each have different personalities which tells you our Creator is very much an individual whom is highly intelligent and loves diversity. He didn't create a one fits all..then we'd be like that female robot thing, probably malfunctioning instead of the beautiful and magnificent complicated beings we are. I had the honor of mentoring single mothers for many years while working as a Senior manager with HUD for many years. and anyone who opened up to me. My message: IT'S YOUR DUTY TO LEARN TO LOVE AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! LOVING YOUR SELF IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS AND HAVING THE COURAGE TO LET LOVE IN. The Lord knows exactly who you are because He created you. And wow does he love and appreciate those who love and appreciate him. You can see a lot about someone's character by how positive and up lifting they are. A spiritual
    Do not follow anyone who makes you feel your not good enough. You can get a person to do what you want them to by being a bully and keeping their spirit trapped in quilt by always telling them why their not worthy, but if their hearts didn't change you have not led them spiritually. When our hope is strong, we are freed from fears and cares that prevent the free exercises of love. Therefore, a spiritual leader must be a person who has strong confidence in the sovereign goodness of God to work everything together for his good. Otherwise, he will inevitably fall into the trap of manipulating circumstances and exploiting people in order to secure for himself a happy future which he is not certain God will provide.
    Love is not heavy and isn't critical. It is up lifting, kind and patient. And, you have every right and responsibility to question everything about everyone. Make sure you ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things, believe me He will. Spiritual leaders are optimistic not because man is good, but because God is in control. So, use discernment and keep an eye out for the roaring lion satan looking to devour those whom love the Lord. LOVE YOU ALL!

  5. American Woman

    The Father had been trying and trying for years to get my attention. I didn't know what was going on and was frightened. Maybe my mother's fear of the unknown had influenced me. At 42 years old I died during a kidney operation. I arrived on a platform in another dimension. The atmosphere was crystal clean. All I will speak about concerning my experience is that Father draped my shoulders with a cape of the finest velvet fabric and placed something on my head and said to me "this is what you have to look forward to, my dear"…… I began to hear someone calling out my name from a distance. I was sent back here. The following day the doctor and I had vicious words because I didn't want to be resuscitated. The doctor said the law required him to "save" me. For quite some time following this experience I sat in contemplation, moved to the beach, avoided meaningless interactions and lost the will to hustle on the job. I still wait to be called home permanently. Now, God always makes his presence known in my life and I thank him for choosing me. I have a personal relationship with the Almighty. Everyone should. He is fabulous!

  6. Michael Juzwick

    Get my book Fatherhood in the United States of America – up on Amazon Kindle eBooks website – chapter 9 – The Fatherhood of Noah – reveals the American native tribes migrated to this hemisphere from the East – page 154. The Father made us in His image & likeness to be fathers for His honor & glory. Let me know if you get a copy. Much revelation inside this book.

  7. dale notatrail

    Is the Targum Johnathan an accurate read of scripture? I have been following along with Derek's teachings and can understand exactly what he is telling us but can anybody explain Genesis chapter 3 of the Targum where it says in verse 4 that "the serpent spake accusations against his Creator", verse 6 "And the woman beheld Sammael, the angle of death, and was afraid;" and verse 14 were he cursed the serpent and cut off his feet?
    This writing seems to contradict Brother Derek's teachings. Is the Targum of Johnathan even accurate? I always feel like I just figured out life's secrets then another wrench gets thrown into the works. Thanx.

  8. Sandy

    Derek .I've gotten to know you a little better through ..well, checking you out online and staying alert looking in between the lines..prayer . I know your highly intelligent..that would or was my first concern. Just understand I had or have to see that your not setting up a trap for true lovers of the Lord. Look at Jehovah Witnesses…they overlook their founder comes from a long line of Masons and knights of Templar that practiced the occult and are Luciferians…And then

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