Father’s Day – Most touching commercial EVER!

Father’s Day – Most touching commercial EVER!

Family is important! Share this video to show you are proud of your father.


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  1. TheFalseStereotype

    The son in this video has got the same disorder as my dad. The only difference is that my dad got stroke when I was 2, and I don't remember anything at that age yet, my mom and dad told me that my dad got stroke because of stress, and high blood pressure. I'm 13 now and it's been 11 years since he had stroke (his stroke wasn't cured yet, so, he still can't move his left leg and arm properly). Some people of my age get shocked when they hear about my dad just because he has stroke, he's not like any ordinary dad though, to me, he is special to me, look, if he didn't had stroke back then, he would've got a job right now and I probably wasn't close to both of my parents. That's how special he is to me, he took care of me all the time and helped me with school stuff 😄, BTW, father's day is near! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL FATHERS AROUND THE WORLD!

  2. Shalini Lalchan

    Well my dad denied I was his when I clearly was.He has other children and loved them.He committed suicide not too long ago.But you know what?I still cried for him.I cried for someone who didn't love me and had no interest in me and I feel like a part of me is missing.All I want to know is why.

  3. TheComment YouScrolledPassed

    YES! this is why i will always value my father as the head of the house, forget america in trying to financailly enslave all their husbands, while taking away their kids, Just wait till trump gets into office so it becomes joint custody like it's SUPPOSED TO, so many of you will be butthurt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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