Field of Dreams (5/9) Movie CLIP – People Will Come (1989) HD

Field of Dreams (5/9) Movie CLIP – People Will Come (1989) HD

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  1. Ronnie Bishop

    Unless you've lay in your bed as a Pee Wee and had visions of hitting the game winning home run. Or remember the first time you put on that flannel uniform and got to play in your first game with that bright white game baseball. The smell of leather and then that magical first hit, and it all happens so fast, but you relived all your life. And especially teaching your child how to catch and throw or when your dad played with you. You will never appreciate field of dreams. Because 90% of baseball for 90% of us is a fantasy or a dream!

  2. RetroTony1959

    Don't get me wrong. Actor James Earl Jones has a commanding presence and booming voice but every time I see him on screen I can't help but think that he throws some gargantuan farts. The walls i his room must tremble at his ass bombs (rumored to measure on the Richter scale), But there are a few other celebrities that can join him in that category. To name a few Buddy Hackett. Orson Welles, and Paul Sorvino come to mind. All champion farkers!

  3. manifestgtr

    I’ve always loved the brother in law. He’s such a perfect 80s antagonist…

    Blunt, annoyingly pragmatic, as persistent as a mosquito, the totally unwelcome voice of “reason”…then he comes around completely in the span of about 30 seconds after a narrowly averted disaster haha

  4. Joseph Hickman

    James Earl Jones, National treasure, also great performance in Sandler scene ,I take it back,you're as good as you sit, ha, babel Ruth auto graphed ball ,ha scoff, then explains about leaning into a pitch and went blind. That's baseball talk.

  5. Kenny Manning

    Best baseball movie ever. I have had the same ball glove now for 37 yrs. It has been restrung a couple of times and i call it my rag. Some people ask why don't i get a new one? The reason is that one glove is filled with so many memories i could never replace it. All i have to do is open it up look at the web and it's like looking at a movie screen remembering all the places i've played, all the catches and the thousands of baseball/softball players, male and female, young and old, that i have played with and against or coached over those 37 yrs. Nothing can replace that ball glove. It's filled with the best times of my life. I don't play or coach any longer but still carry my bat bag in the trunk of my car with me at all times just incase a game breaks out somewhere or someone just wants to play catch. Baseball. If you have never payed it you will never truly understand it. It's Baseball.

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