Finding Your Purpose in Life: Does Faith Matter? – His Grace

Finding Your Purpose in Life: Does Faith Matter? – His Grace

Have you ever wondered if God and Jesus Christ are really …


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  1. Dave Johnson

    I'm reminded of the quote in 'The Screwtape Letters' where C.S. Lewis has a demon explain: “Never forget that when we are dealing with any pleasure in its healthy and normal and satisfying form, we are in a sense, on the Enemy’s ground I know we have won many a soul through pleasure. All the same, it is His invention, not ours. He made the pleasures: all our invention, not ours… An ever increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure is the formula. It is more certain; and it’s better style. To get the man’s soul and give him nothing in return- that is what really gladdens our Father’s heart. And the troughs are the time for beginning the process.”

  2. David Forbes

    +Zachary Wheeler First, you are not lost. You may be weaving your way through life but, I believe, you are not lost. Learning from life's experiences can sometimes throw doubt along the way. I wish many more people – young and old – can listen to your message to help them on their life's journey. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Jordan Lontine

    "When I have kids, do I raise them with a belief in God? Do I not?"

    Rich's question is one of the most important I have, and touches on a fear I have of falsely convincing myself to accept the gospel simply out of fear of not knowing how to live other than how I had been taught to live my whole life. When I finally settle down and start a family, I'll be forced to choose what to teach my children, especially about God. I see my brother teaching my niece about Jesus. She is so beautiful and innocent, and I know my brother wants her to develop faith because he has that same faith and believes teaching her will make her happy in the way the Gospel has brought him joy. I get that–I would love believe that same way and teach my child in that manner. But unless I have a high degree of confidence in that message, how can I even begin to teach a child so pure and innocent?! What if that child grows up and starts being challenged in life and I'm still uncertain? What can I say? Was it right to "fake it till I make it" or "do it for the kids"? What's the alternative–avoid religion? No, that's not responsible at all.

    As a single member (anyone surprised its singles having faith struggles?), I have an even more immediate struggle and that is…the big M word–marriage. How can I even think about marrying someone until I've figured this out? I've done my fair share of dating both members and non-members, and the risk of flip-flopping or continuing in uncertainty down the road is too great for me to be willing to place that on someone I grow to love.

  4. The LDS Gamer

    Atheism brings pain. No matter how deep it may be. Even tho it may be covered by a thick layer of denial. Even tho it may be covered up by a sarcastic jerk of a man, the pain is real, and it is there. Not matter how much you want to believe, that you are just using your brain, you're not. It does not set you free. It binds you. It hurts soooooo bad.

    Christianity, sets you free. It actually makes you happy with no second thoughts. It is the best feeling you can ever experience. It brings hope! It heals all pain!

    I should know. I've lived both lives.

  5. Supafly Whiteguy

    I just prayed for the first time in along time perhaps even years. I am currently having the same inner struggles that this man Rich Millar went through; the struggles of being cynical about religion and the thoughts of if you can't measure it, it mustn't be true, I've also had recently the like minded thoughts about if god exists then why does he allow suffering and disaster. I have surrounded myself for the most part with people with the similar beliefs of atheism or agnosticism. Although not being rich or exceptionally well off myself i'm already learning that money and material possessions though nice and comforting they do not bring true happiness. While I was praying I asked god that if he existed to give me a sign or some proof and this was the first thing I found. I am glad I found this video I truly hope that it wasn't purely coincidence.

  6. Alyssa Wheeler

    This reminds me of my brother, around the age of 16 he questioned the gospel. He would always be late to church and would leave early. We prayed for him so much and tried to help him see God's for him. He asked these questions that no one could answer. We told him to pray and ask Heavenly Father these questions. He said that he did and he got no answer. My dad told him that Heavenly Father would answer his questions when the time was right, but he didn't want that. He told us he didn't want to serve a mission and that he didn't want to be a part of this gospel. He would listen to inappropriate music. My dad told him that he needed to get it together and go on a mission or he would kick him out of the house. Somehow he held on and managed to prepare to serve a mission. He still didn't want to but somehow he did. He has changed and is now serving in Tijuana, Mexico. He is now open to the gospel. I am so excited to Skype him today on Mother's Day. I love my brother so much and that he made the choice to serve a mission even though he really didn't want to go to Mexico. He is struggling with Spanish but we know that by the Grace of God he will learn Spanish and be able to teach the gospel to the people.

  7. Zachary Wheeler

    Really great video. I am glad to see that someone made it back to the religion. I, like this young man am currently struggling with faith issues. I would really like to stay in the religion, marry in the temple, raise a family with a beautiful and virtuous woman, however, there are times where things get really difficult. My mind gets filled with doubt and skepticism towards the Church, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon. I have had powerful spiritual experiences in the past. That I cannot deny. Those moments were some of them most beautiful experiences of my life. However, the world would have me believe that such feelings were only emotions and not actual spiritual communication.

    I want to believe. I want to raise my children in the faith, but I don't know how I can if I myself cannot testify to them that I know the Gospel is true. I don't know if any good mormon girl would want to marry someone like me who is weak in testimony, or if she did, I don't know if her parents would let her since they would probably consider me a liability. I don't know if I could endure such rejection, and I am afraid that if I experienced such rejection, I would lose all hope of having a mormon family and then simply seek companionship outside the Church. These are the really difficult issues that I am struggling with. I hope that Heavenly Father, if He really is there, will have mercy on me and reach out to me soon so that I can be strengthened and reminded of the great spiritual truths that I have learned in the past so that I can have as much conviction and spiritual strength as I did in my youth. 

  8. Steven Lee

    To those who viewed and liked this video.  Would you have validated a similar video were the adherent to express returning to the belief of their upbringing such as Islam, Paganism, or non theism?  Or are your expressions of congratulations only relegated to portrayals of persons who return to the beliefs that you share?

  9. akdude81

    I had and am having a similar experience.  I was having a hard time living the gospel fully, so I gave up.  It's been a hard road back, and my decisions have had serious consequences which make it even harder to live the gospel.  I won't give up, since a life without faith is not a life worth living.  Faith definitely matters in life.

  10. Scott Campbell

    So many share these feelings that it cannot be mere coincidence. I too have had doubts, having gone through trials so devastating it's a wonder I didn't just give up and take what to some would be the easy way out by taking my own life. My family is facing trials even now that would break the strongest, most can't fathom how terrifying and overwhelming the issues we face now really are. It's at these times, when God can seem so distant or in many cases to many people not even there, these are times we need Him the most. At each turn when things seemed darkest, when we've reached out for help, people often recoil and pull away not knowing how to help. Throughout all this there was one thing above all others that sustained us, kept us going, that one thing is love. Something as simple as someone calling to ask how we're doing, confirming there are those who care even though they don't have the answers, can be the difference between giving up completely or receiving that mustard seed of hope needed to sally forth. In all the darkness the world at large is experiencing in these days even that darkness can't stand in light of love. It can come from unexpected places and at times when the darkness gets so bad we don't see so much as the flicker of lit candle light the way. With all the four letter words often uttered during hardships, anger, frustrations, doubts and so on there is one four letter word, a polar opposite, that outshines the darkest curse word. That four letter word, the most powerful I know of in the English language, is LOVE! It saved life. It's the greatest commandment, trumping and expounding upon all others, that we love one another. For God loved the world he gave his only begotten son… so must we love each other to be able to endure. Faith and hope cannot exist without it, trust me I know. It's not just the word that has power, for I've been told God loves me during trying times and that alone was of little comfort. I've been told by some that they love me during dark times, yet they did not show me that love thus making the word itself powerless. For love to have power over darkness it must be expressed through deeds and actions and not just spoken as a four letter word. Showing love is the sharpest sword against the enemy we can wield, it must be used to be effective and not just concealed nor brandished.

  11. Kurt Jensen

    I once told a couple friends that a fish living outside a fish bowl is hurting itself, the same is said about those that live outside the gospel and don't want to keep the commandments, it is only hurting them in the end. We were all made before this life to follow God's commandments, this is how it is possible to feel a true sense of happiness, going against his commandments is against our nature, that is why we feel sorrow eventually if we don't adhere to God's standards.

  12. Susan Porter

    Brother Randall Ridd just gave a Worldwide Young Adult Devotional about living a deliberate, an intentional, and a purposeful life. Now here, just a few days later is this.  A young man that got a "glimpse of what I once was, and what I needed to become again." This is more than just coincidence.  Heavenly Father knows of the struggles of His children, and He knows what the answer to those struggles are. If our purpose in life is not to be focused on His Son, the Savior, and becoming like Christ is not happening, or there has been a sidetrack or deviation away from what one once knew to be the correct path, Heavenly Father is gonna do all He can to reclaim His children.  There is going to ample opportunity and the proper means of help and outreach to get everyone of them back.   

  13. Brandon Diebold

    Crazy to hear this when I am going through the exact same thing. Losing faith and the church to waking up to my son crying realizing what I once had and needed to have again. Maybe this was meant to happen because the women that I love is now becoming a member. All I do know is that he really is there… Listening to us and loves us. Sorry, great video felt the spirit strong with this

  14. Cheryl Mortensen

    I absolutely completely love this! There is a God! I love how he says life is much easier seeming when you convince yourself there's not… no consequences, no reason to really choose the right. But there is! I know there is and I will never deny him! I'm so grateful I have his true and restored gospel in my life! It makes me who I am today and hopefully one day, much much more! 

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