FOOD WARS: DREW MORG VS PLANTRIOTIC// Click to read more ↓ Comparing the nutritional value of a vegan diet to that of a carnivore diet. Plantriotic’s …


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  1. Miata Is Always The Answer

    I feel bad for Plantriotic, because I was in the same boat as him once as many of us were. We truly thought we were doing what was best for our bodies, the animals, and the planet. He actually mentioned trying animal products again for 30 days but I don’t think he’s going to do it because of the backlash he got from his audience. This was a fantastic video! Thank you for the work you put in, I hope he listens and realizes he’s damaging his health no matter how pretty the food looks.

  2. Fabian L

    The problem with trying veganism is, once you get sucked in it's really hard to get out of it. It IS a religion. They have their own twisted ethics and an enormous brainwashing propaganda machinery. I fell for it myself. I was lucky that veganism made me feel so horrible so quick and I never bought the "detox" myth in the first place.

  3. Planted Charge

    You should double check the potassium. Theres no way carnivore is higher in potassium compared to WFPB. Plants are the best source of potassium. Your claims about vitamin A are way over exaggerated. Inability to convert proform Vitamin A is very rare and much less than half the population. Also, the conversion is typically much higher than 5%. I got my retinol tested 2 times on WFPB vegan diet and both times it was right under the upper limit. Meeting DV is great, but you are missing the big picture. Animal foods are full of more toxins, almost 0 antioxidant, pro inflammatory, and higher in carcinogens. Whole food plants contain less toxins, on average 64 times more antioxidants, in most cases reduce inflammation, and can kill cancer cells.

  4. Denise Frandsen

    Keto Carnivore Women: (with what I eats)
    -Holistic Leigh
    -Keto Christina
    -The Carnivore Keto Caveman Couple
    -Sea Siren Janine
    -Meghan Remedy, CPN
    -East Coast Creeps
    -Health, Home, and Happiness
    -LaxmiDairyGirl (keto dairy – Not Carnivore, she does not eat meat or eggs)
    -Circle Master Fitness
    -Katya's Raw Wisdom (not sure if she does eat-in-a-day videos, but lots of ex-vegan interviews)
    -PermaEarth (maybe what I eats)
    -Lauren cq (maybe what I eats)

    -Stacey Flowers (I don't think she's vegan but does a lot of plant based what I eat videos)

    -Bumblebee Apothecary (GAPS diet – lots of recipes but I'm not sure about what-I-eats)

  5. Jane Demenkova

    Hi, Kait! Great video, love your work!
    Could you please explain how Drew (the carnivore guy, so he's considered "zero-carb") got 49 grams of sugar? Was it all just from that raw milk?
    Buy the way, Circle Master Fitness is also a female carnivore youtuber)

  6. Babli Khanna

    I just want to ask a quick question and i really hope you reply. I'd love to try the carnivore diet for myself (i am already on keto) but where i live, we don't have grass-fed anything and if i try it despite that, will it be more detrimental to my health than beneficial? What do you think i should do?

  7. Keto Munchies

    Great video! Yesterday I was searching for female carnivore what I eat in a day videos ( in addition to yours ) and I also didn't find much at all. I want to put some out there in the near future but I'm still new to carnivore 😀

  8. Plantriotic

    Kait this is was really awesome vide! Great editing too, way to go! Generally speaking, super honest and fair video despite the inherent biases we all have, which you addressed. Of course I'm bias considering my nutrition ideology and you are too but that aside this was really fair for the most part. First off, I literally "LOL'ed when you did the montage of my food which was colorful and diverse and plant-based, then go to Drews and it's just like… "blahh…meat" haha of course that has nothing to do with nutrition it just made me laugh how different they were and how they looked in comparison. The lectin and anti nutrient thing always bothers me. I got a blood test 3 years into being vegan which you can find on my YouTube channel with the results and I had not nutrient vitamins deficiencies despite my high fibre and legume diet which if your absorption theory was true, would make me deficient in the blood tests. It's common knowledge that these lectins are a protective mechanism on the raw bean so it can sprout to a plant BUT they are removed and killed when you cook the beans. As a data driven person Kait, simply type beans in channel and you will find real studies showing impressive correlation with increasing legume intake and increase lifespan! If beans were anti nutrients in the real human body dont you think there would be correlation between high bean intake and shorter life span…show me the data on that…you wont. Beans are so so healthy guys and full of protein! The Blue Zones food guidlines averaging the diets of the longest living communities around the world recommend a diet of 95% plants food like beans, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds etc and limiting your diet to 5% animal foods. You guys always say, screw mainstream science, let's look at the results. Blue Zones are the results, in the real world, paper science aside, and it's plant based baby. Not meat based. Lastly, as a data driven person, when you compare the diets you dont mention that according to the best micro biome and gut health scientists out there, fibre is what feeds the micro biome. Watch Rhonda Patrick, not vegan, but super pro fibre! Lastly, let's be honest guys, the MAINSTREAM (meaning best, most educated and tested) research on diet and disease points to a diet low in saturated fat, low in animal foods, and high in carb rich plants. This in undeniable. The carnivore side simply says that this mainstream science is wrong and outdated, they don't claim that the science does not point to plants, it's just that the science is wrong. In my opinion, it's sort of like a kid saying to their friend who always gets better grades "you're not smarter than me…I'm smarter!" haha ok…maybe, but as of now thats just your opinion man! I wish the carnivores admitted more that the best evidence we have for the healthiest diet is not a carnivore one, but you think the mainstream science has not caught up with the carnivore diet, thus it is not mainstream yet. We have a lot of evidence pointing towards high meat consumption and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more. You can't take that aways from us because that is what the best science we have says as of now. Now is there a chance there just has not been enough carnivore studies so we don't know that it's better, absolutely, but until those studies come out, this is just your opinion that a high meat and zero carb diet is super healthy. Just anecdotes of people feeling good on an elimination diet, not science. I wish you stated that more often that this is an opinion and more research needs to come. We have over 100 of research pointing towards high plant diets and health. Keep making these vids!

  9. null null

    I'm so glad you discussed the vitamin and mineral numbers after showing them, because on paper fruits and veggies are super nutritional. I'm one week into carnivore (plus some dairy to help transition), but not actually told anyone yet…

  10. Stephen Shuman

    I appreciate the presentation you provided. In my opinion plantriotic’s diet is healthier. I believe you when you say animal foods are more nutrient dense and are more bioavailabie however that is not my main concern because I’m more concerned about the overall health outcomes. Even if an animal based diet is more nutrient dense than a plant based diet, I would argue a plant based diet is healthier in the long run because you are leaving a lot of saturated fat, and dietary cholesterol out of the diet which I argue can contribute to heart disease and or strokes. Even if you are getting more nutrients on animal based diet, to me that doesent make you heart disease proof. Now I’m not saying you can’t get CVD on a vegan diet; all I’m saying is you have lower risk of those chronic illnesses on a properly planned vegan diet. Anyways, appreciate the presentation and thought I would leave my 2 cents

  11. Jesse Gentry

    My grandfather livec to be 92, My great aunt lived to be 98. my last aunt from 7 aunts and uncles will be 93 this year, my mom smoked from the age of 19 till she was 69 and had open heart surgery and still lived to be 82. My other grand father live to be in his late 80's with phlebitis, infasema and 2 heart attacks before he died. One aunt had a child, my cousin, at the age of 57 and lived to see her grand children from my cousin. I was a vegan from 1982 till 1996 and started eating meat with no difference in my health and I've had 1 common cold in 29 years and have a 15 year old daugher and I turned 69 In March 15, 2019 and am doing things in the gym 16 yearolds- my age can't. I hate to say it but being vegan or carnivore is not the key to good health.

  12. Janine Dixon

    There's a married couple uploading videos on youtube. They started out as keto, but they eventually went carnivore. I don't recall their name and it's been a long while since youtube recommended one of their videos to me. I saw a couple of their cooking videos – lots of cooked and raw animal foods, and organ meats.

  13. Janine Dixon

    Very nice breakdown, just analyzing the food. It also shows how complicated the vegan diet is… it's not as simple as some youtubers make it look. I personally don't think chopping vegetables is fun, nor is it worth my time; time spent chopping vs time spent eating. I think this would make an interesting series.

  14. Primal Mike

    This is a fantastic comparison, drew of course the winner. Yes i share similar thoughts, when u take a look under the curtain of a veganism and realise that the ethics and health claims dont really stand up. Its a lone voice that speaks our against it. People may say carnivore diet is another extreme diet but when people are finding out they are having reaction to oxalates and lectins, what are they supoosed to eat if its not animal based?

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