Foods to Improve Eye Health

Foods to Improve Eye Health

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  1. Carrie Bishop

    Hi there I'm a new subscriber. I have a question about eye floaters. A few years ago I got a couple of these black dot hi floaters in my right eye now last six months I have this circular hair like floater in my left eye. I have all my health shakes. I'm in good shape and I take all my natural Food type of vitamins like mega food, and maximum vibrance powders for my green shakes.So I can't understand where these are coming from so how can I get rid of them? I'm so looking forward to your answer please respond and let me know. Take care Carrie

  2. innerrevolution1

    Thanks for sharing the infos and trying to help people. However I disagree about eggs not being harmful. Industry-funded studies claiming the harmlessness of eggs have been debunked and the peer-reviewed studies are so strong that even the US government and health diet institution are not allowed to state they are healthy. Also sock-eye salmon has cholesterol and you didn't mention the heavy metals in wild fish, nor the high antibiotic and hormone input into farmed fish. You can get Astaxanthin which comes from algae, bacteria and some fungi. Omega 3 you can get in linseed oil. So these can be done in a much more healthy and sustainable way, including protein.

  3. Satya Jenkins

    I have tried everything that claimed to help obvious eye-floaters – eye solutions and washes, eye relaxation methods, and other strange stuff…nothing proved helpful…that is, until I used this eye floaters therapy “gofam shocking press” (Google it). It does what it states to do, period. I am now totally free of eye floaters!

  4. Skyler James

    Turning Age forty has its drawbacks and this includes deteriorating eye sight. Believe me when I say that vision-improving supplements helps a lot. I have only began using this eyesight advancement method "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) recently. There are indications of developments to my eye-sight right now. How I dream I learned about this treatment solution in the past.

  5. Lee Wood

    I`ve never used eye glasses in my life, however I almost had to. The vision advancement approach "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) was a huge help as it relieved the stress. Ever since I used the product, there was less squinting and I felt glad I discovered this device right away when I decided to make use of products treat my eye-sight. I feel as if my eyes are much healthier and also my sight has been improved..

  6. Cameron Watson

    Turning 40 years old has its drawbacks and this includes failing eye sight. Believe me when I say that vision-improving supplements helps a lot. I have only began employing this vision advancement procedure "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) lately. There are signs of advancements to my eye-sight now. Should have started this before..

  7. Harley Ross

    I`d like glasses for reading only. It has been weeks since I began using the vision enhancement approach "fetching zuzo com" (Google it). I simply completed my eye examination and was shocked to find that no more damage was discovered. This meant I get to save money supposedly for the brand new eyeglasses mainly because my eyes are clear right now..

  8. Cameron Watson

    Just after utilizing this eye-sight improvement procedure "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) for around 7 days, I began noticing a vast improvement in my eye-sight. I would definitely suggest this product to individuals who are having trouble with their eye-sight..

  9. Lee Wood

    .Every product for improving eye-sight has failed me, but vision development method "fetching zuzo com" (Google it) is certainly a deal-breaker. With regular usage, my vision was considerably better after Fourteen days. Blurriness has minimized considerably and also my eyes don`t feel sore any longer and focus is much clearer than ever before!.

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