Fountain of Life!! Anti-Aging Skin/Hair/Health!!

Fountain of Life!! Anti-Aging Skin/Hair/Health!!

Hey Love Bugs!! Here’s a natural plant extract you can take for HUGE anti-aging benefits … it helps circulation so it’s known to help cellulite, spider veins, …


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  1. DarkstarAndrew01

    Very informative, thank you.

    It can also be grown at home by the yard full and juiced daily with equal parts water maybe a teeny bit of ginger or honey for taste. Honey isn't necessary though. Drink this daily to loose weight and maintain skin/health.

  2. Carol Napolitano

    What do you think about silica, I just bought Silica plus, it's liquid , I had another liquid and it taste fishy, so i mixed it with that water flavor drink. I'm 57 been taking supplements for years have many books on them, I'm  so confused about trying not to go nuts with them. I bought a vitamix so I wanna  get my veggies.  I hear what your saying about Gotu Kola  sounds good.   My son Joe is becoming like me, he's almost 28.  What do you take? Also, what do you think about hormones? I had bought dhea, and  took it for 1 month because, Dr. Phill's wife said to in her book, but I didn't read all what she said, I jumped the gun. She said to have your levels checked, so I stopped, plus I read some side affects that scared me.  I just wanna feel like I use too.      You know, they can give enough hormones to someone to change them from a woman to a man or the other way around. So can they make a woman feel normal again, without a cancer scare.  They say don't stay on hormones to long.   What do we do?     Thanks for reading this.

  3. twcamomma

    I have just discovered your videos and have learned so much already. Thanks!!! Do you have a compiled list of all the supplements, etc. that you are using and what you're using them for? I am getting more and more confused, or maybe I should say overwhelmed, as I watch more and more of your videos. I just think you're so youthful compared to myself, and we are the exact same age! I would like to copy your regime as closely as possible. Thank you!

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