Fr. Mike Schmitz: “More Than Words” | SEEK2017

Fr. Mike Schmitz: “More Than Words” | SEEK2017

We all long for happiness — but there is more. We desire to live lives of significance. If this is going to happen, we need to choose to become active participants …


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  1. Wilson Eusebio777

    If you're protestant look the testimony of Scott Hahn conversion, is Amazing!! Also the testimony of Ulf Eckman. also can read in the bible: Eucharist John 6, 53… Confession John 20, 22-23. James 5, 16. Church and Pope Matthew 16,13-19. Galatians 1, 6-10. In my channel you can see much more, Suscribe. GOD Bless )

  2. Fr. Mike Schmitz -Most Mesmerising videos.

    God bless YOU and everyone around you Father. I also thank you immensely for the time you put into making these amaazing videos., it can't be easy as I'm sure you are hard-pressed for time as it is. We as Catholics also need to view them more than anyone else to I guess. You are so 'spot on' and I sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. Saving one soul at a time but who knows it could be hundreds maybe thousands one day! I have a few questions father but will write it in my next comment as I haven't time now. Finding my balance Father ;))

  3. Scott

    Roman Catholic Church Being Deconstructed – Declared Criminal
    The recent laws passed by the Roman Catholic church Pope Francis, criminalizing leaks in information regarding child abuse and molestation are causing a world-wide uproar. This new law threatens members in the church with excommunication and Vatican imprisonment for blowing the whistle on internal sex offenders, thereby protecting them. “By his action, the Bishop of Rome, Jorge Bergoglio, faces arrest and indictment as the head of a Criminal Organization, under terms of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Criminal Organizations (2000).” Twenty one countries have signed a global proclamation declaring the Roman Catholic Church a Transnational Criminal Organization demanding its deconstruction.

    Due to the difficulty of following ‘traditional’ means of arresting such powerful people, because of the influence they have both financially and politically, The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) along with U.N. support, is taking matters into it’s own hands to see that the Roman Catholic Church is dissolved and cannot commit such crimes anymore. George Dufort of the Belgian-based Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice states:

    Pope Francis is telling every Catholic in the world to break the laws of their own country and give aid and comfort to child rapists. That’s not simply a grossly immoral act but a war crime, since he’s attacking the laws and sovereignty of other nations, and threatening the safety of their people.
    George Dufort is the same man who successfully prosecuted former Pope Benedict along with other Vatican officials last February.

    The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State has released a plan of action to all 21 affiliated countries including Italy to include:

    1. The ITCCS Central Office has applied for a Bench Warrant from the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice, for the immediate arrest of Jorge Bergoglio and his associates on a charge of high treason, war crimes and a criminal conspiracy against humanity and the Law of Nations. Jorge Bergoglio and his associates are to be immediately detained and brought to public trial for these crimes, under the auspices and authority of the Law of Nations and The International Common Law Court of Justice.

    2. On Sunday, August 4, 2013, a Global Proclamation will be issued, declaring the Roman Catholic Church to be a Transnational Criminal Organization under the law, and ordering its active disestablishment, including by seizing its funds and property, and arresting its officers and clergy: actions authorized against criminal bodies by the aforementioned United Nations Convention.

    3. Members and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church are hereby ordered to refrain from funding or participating in the Church of Rome, on pain of arrest as associates of a Criminal Organization. The public is encouraged to assist in the seizure of Roman Catholic church wealth and property in accordance with international law.
    Did I read ‘seizure of Roman Catholic church wealth and property?’ Indeed, that is exactly what it says. I think a trip to Italy is in order come August, how about you? I am pretty sure there are some extremely valuable items hidden in that ancient building, ‘secret stuff’, but not for much longer it seems.

    This is major major news for not only Roman Catholics worldwide, but every person on the planet. Obviously we are at a crossroads in history/herstory…organizations will no longer be allowed to function as ‘criminal entities’ and this is one giant step in the direction of making that a reality. It looks as though, if all goes according to enacted plan, the Roman Catholic Church is being deconstructed after being declared a Transnational Criminal Organization. What does this mean for Catholics around the globe? Is it time to find a new God? Or to look within for the answers?

  4. troi alecksius

    62 Reasons Why… In Conscience, We Cannot Attend the New Mass
    Compiled by the priests of the diocese of CAMPOS, BRAZIL
    The Traditional Mass  The New Mass 2,000 years of venerable usage  Fabricated in 1969
    Tried and True  Experiment That Failed!
    Clearly a Sacrifice – An Altar, A Priest  Clearly a Meal – A Table 
    Centered on God – Structured for reverence  Centered on Man Loose structure invites abuses
    Completely Catholic One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic  Half Protestant Lacks all Four Marks
    Codified at Council of Trent  Contrived For approval of six Protestant ministers
    By a Pope Saint (Pope St. Pius V)
    Fruitful! Multitudes of saints, martyrs, religious vocations! Barren! Empty seminaries, decreased Mass attendance, massive defections!
    TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS Never Abrogated by Holy Mother Church!
    Note: all quotes followed by an asterix "*" are from the Letter of Cardinals A. Ottaviani and A. Bacci to Pope Paul VI, dated September 25, 1969 enclosing "A Critical Study of the Novus Ordo Missae."
    1. Because the New Mass is not an unequivocal Profession of the Catholic Faith (which the traditional Mass is), it is ambiguous and Protestant. Therefore since we pray as we believe, it follows that we cannot pray with the New Mass in Protestant Fashion and still believe as Catholics!
    2. Because the changes were not just slight ones but actually "deal with a fundamental renovation … a total change … a new creation." (Msgr. A. Bugnini, co-author of the New Mass)
    3. Because the New Mass leads us to think "that truths … can be changed or ignored without infidelity to that sacred deposit of doctrine to which the Catholic Faith is bound forever." *
    4. Because the New Mass represents "a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as formulated in Session XXII of the Council of Trent" which, in fixing the "canons," provided an "insurmountable barrier to any heresy against the integrity of the Mystery." *
    5. Because the difference between the two is not simply one of mere detail or just modification of ceremony, but "all that is of perennial value finds only a minor place (in the New Mass), if it subsists at all." *
    6. Because "Recent reforms have amply demonstrated that fresh changes in the liturgy could lead to nothing but complete bewilderment in the faithful who already show signs of uneasiness and lessening of Faith." *
    7. Because in times of confusion such as now, we are guided by the words of our Lord: "By their fruits you shall know them." Fruits of the New Mass are: 30% decrease in Sunday Mass attendance in U.S. (NY Times 5/24/75), 43% decrease in France (Cardinal Marty), 50% decrease in Holland (NY Times 1/5/76).
    8. Because "amongst the best of the clergy the practical result (of the New Mass) is an agonizing crisis of conscience…" *
    9. Because in less than seven years after the introduction of the New Mass, priests in the world decreased from 413,438 to 243,307 — almost 50%! (Holy See Statistics)
    10. Because "The pastoral reasons adduced to support such a grave break with tradition … do not seem to us sufficient." *
    11. Because the New Mass does not manifest Faith in the Real Presence of our Lord — the Traditional Mass manifests it unmistakably.
    12. Because the New Mass confuses the REAL Presence of Christ in the Eucharist with His MYSTICAL Presence among us (proximating Protestant doctrine).
    13. Because the New Mass blurs what ought to be a sharp difference between the HIERARCHIC Priesthood and the common priesthood of the people (as does Protestantism).
    14. Because the New Mass favors the heretical theory that it is THE FAITH of the people and not THE WORDS OF THE PRIEST which makes Christ present in the Eucharist.
    15. Because the insertion of the Lutheran :"Prayer of the Faithful" in the New Mass follows and puts forth the Protestant error that all the people are priests.
    16. Because the New Mass does away with the Confiteor of the priest, makes it collective with the people, thus promoting Luther's refusal to accept the Catholic teaching that the priest is judge, witness and intercessor with God.
    17. Because the New Mass gives us to understand that the people concelebrate with the priest — which is against Catholic theology!
    18. Because six Protestant ministers collaborated in making up the New Mass: George, Jasper, Shepherd, Kunneth, Smith and Thurian.
    19. Because just as Luther did away with the Offertory — since it very clearly expressed the sacrificial, propitiatory character of the Mass — so also the inventors of the New Mass did away with it, reducing it to a simple Preparation of the Gifts.
    20. Because enough Catholic theology has been removed that Protestants can, while keeping their antipathy for the True Roman Catholic Church, use the text of the New Mass without difficulty. Protestant Minister Thurian (co-consulter for the 'New Mass' project) said that a fruit of the New mass "will perhaps be that the non-Catholic communities will be ale to celebrate the Lord's Supper using the same prayers as the Catholic Church." (La Croix 4/30/69)
    21. Because the narrative manner of the Consecration in the New Mass infers that it is only a memorial and not a true sacrifice (Protestant Thesis)
    22. Because by grave omissions, the New Mass leads us to believe that it is only a meal (Protestant doctrine) and not a sacrifice for the remission of sins (Catholic Doctrine).
    23. Because the changes such as: table instead of altar; facing people instead of tabernacle; Communion in the hand, etc., emphasize Protestant doctrines (e.g., Mass is only a meal; priest only a president of the assembly; Eucharist is NOT the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, but merely a piece of bread, etc.)
    24. Because Protestants themselves have said "the new Catholic Eucharistic prayers have abandoned the false (sic) perspective of sacrifice offered to God." (La Croix 12/10/69)
    25. Because we are faced with the dilemma: either we become Protestantized by worshipping with the New Mass, or else we preserve our Catholic Faith by adhering faithfully to the traditional Mass, the "Mass of All Time."
    26. Because the New Mass was made in accordance with the Protestant definition of the Mass: "The Lord's Supper or Mass is a sacred synaxis or assembly of the people of God which gathers together under the presidence of the priest to celebrate the memorial of the Lord." (Par. 7 Intro. to the New Missal, defining the New Mass, 4/6/69)
    27. Because by means of ambiguity, the New Mass pretends to please Catholics while pleasing Protestants; thus it is "double-tongued" and offensive to God who abhors any kind of hypocrisy: "Cursed be … the double-tongued for they destroy the peace of many." (Sirach 28:13)
    28. Because beautiful, familiar Catholic hymns which have inspired people for centuries, have been thrown out and replaced with new hymns strongly Protestant in sentiment, further deepening the already distinct impression that one is no longer attending a Catholic function.
    29. Because the New Mass contains ambiguities subtly favoring heresy, which is more dangerous than if it were clearly heretical since a half-heresy half resembles the Truth!
    30. Because Christ has only one Spouse, the Catholic Church, and her worship service cannot also serve religions that are at enmity with her.
    31. Because the New Mass follows the format of Cranmer's heretical Anglican Mass, and the methods used to promote it follow precisely the methods of the English heretics.
    32. Because Holy Mother Church canonized numerous English Martyrs who were killed because they refused to participate in a Mass such as the New Mass!
    33. Because Protestants who once converted to Catholicism are scandalized t to see that the New Mass is the same as the one they attended as Protestants. One of them, Julien Green, asks: "Why did we convert?"
    34. Because statistics show a great decrease in conversions to Catholicism following the use of the New Mass. Conversions, which were up to 100,000 a year in the U.S., have decreased to less than 10,000! And the number of people leaving the Church far exceeds those coming in.
    35. Because the Traditional Mass has forged many saints. "Innumerable saints have been fed abundantly with the proper piety towards God by it …" (Pope Paul VI, Const. Apost. Missale Romanum)
    36. Because the nature of the New Mass is such as to facilitate profanations of the Holy Eucharist, which occur with a frequency unheard of with the Traditional Mass.
    37. Because the New Mass, despite appearances, conveys a New Faith, not the Catholic Faith. It conveys Modernism and follows exactly the tactics of Modernism, using vague terminology in order to insinuate and advance error.
    38. Because by introducing optional variations, the New Mass undermines the unity of the liturgy, with each priest liable to deviate as he fancies under the guise of creativity. Disorder inevitably results, accompanied by lack of respect and irreverence.
    39. Because many good Catholic theologians, canonists and priests do not accept the New Mass, and affirm that they are unable to celebrate it in good conscience.
    40. Because the New Mass has eliminated such things as: genuflections (only three remain), purification of the priests fingers in the chalice, preservation from all profane contact of priest's fingers after Consecration, sacred altar stone and relics, three altar clothes (reduced to one), all of which "only serve to emphasize how outrageously faith in the dogma of the Real Presence is implicitly repudiated." *

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