Full VEGAN Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Full VEGAN Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Here it is, a Full Vegan Meal Plan for you to lose weight effectively or even to maintain your weight! You can try it even if you are not a vegan. =) As Vegans …


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  1. Rona Bendijo

    I started to cut down eating meat specially pork,beef and chicken because of bloating problem and I gain weight of 20 lbs. My pants so tight and arm more fats. So , last March 2018 . I started to change my eating habits. I eat and I follow the per serving amount each meal and snack and I do not have problem of starving. This video is a sort of guidelines .follow your BMI just because We have different height and Weight. then you know how much calories a day you need.:)

  2. rakesh sharma

    Joannasoh I am also following your exercises because you are saying in the vedio to follow my full meal plan I can't followed it because I can't my standard of vegetarian and thank you for making this veg meal plan vedio thank you so much .

  3. Lucy Fry

    Following unsuccessfully trying a number of different weight loss plans, I had nearly given up. I merely never received any considerable results. But the diet “sowo hope site” (Google it) came out to be the strategy for me. Within just only one week, seven days, My partner and i lost 9 pounds.

  4. Kathleen Padilla

    A friend of mine discovered typically the “sowo hope site” on Google. She lost 16 lbs in just a several days. We are trying this diet now as well as the results so far have been far beyond my wildest dreams. It comes extremely suggested. You can find this on Google.

  5. Caru Sella

    Something very important that you can see in her videos is portion control. Althought people say you can eat as much as you want on a vegan diet, it's not fully true. The problem is basically what we eat but also how much we eat.

    If you are currently trying to lose weight and don't see any progress then give calorie counting a try. It either shows you how many calories unhealthy food has or it shows you how little you have eaten a day and that you can still eat some veggies at the end of the day. So either way, you can learn something about your eating habits you maybe didn't know yet.
    Just don't stress yourself too much about it and you will be fine 🙂

  6. Christy Blake

    Merely Google “lyly amazing guide” and you’ll find the best weight loss program there is or ever had been. That helped me to shed 10 lbs — and I’m still dropping weight. Good diet plan. I hope you will love it and accomplish wonderful results soon.

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