Genetically Modified Foods in America Health Documentary

Genetically Modified Foods in America   Health Documentary

What are GMOs? Find out here.


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  1. Clint Eastwood

    Yea. Now we need big pharma. With Fluoride pills, tax payers. There poisoning you, your fetus, children, and there children. Yes use enzymes because your vitamins don't work either. Petroleum … Oh. Yea. This is a mess! more than 20 years you have been paying for this. And gracious taxpayer you will continue to pay for it and your off spring. WHO WILL PAY FOR THIS?

  2. paul ewing

    where you find the most MONEY, you'll find the most FRAUDULANT among us.Paul Ewing 479-530-9067 in musical prophesy of the book of DANIEL. I'm the WAYWARD son.who found the TRUTH is FOOD. the BODY DOESN'T LIE.TRUTH isn't TAUGHT in TRUTH TAUGHT in SCHOOL is what yields all PROBLEMS.

  3. Julie Churchwell

    Most folks are too lazy to do the research, and I can see by the commentary below that many are too stupid to realize that they no longer even have the right to know and choose the food they eat. Unfortunately its only a matter of time before they realize what they have allowed to happen to their children. They deserve what they get, but their children do not.

  4. Rafael Parra

    well,,,,,, gmos have been around forever, they just never put it on labels on the food we eat, now that they started putting it on labels now people are freaking out,,, I have been eating gmo foods for as far as I can remember and I haven't died or gotten sick,, if people don't want it then don't eat it !!! all this documentaries are full of SH%^&*(*& !!!!  they just trying to instill fear in to people!!!

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