Got Hyperpigmentation Or Melasma? Try This!

Got Hyperpigmentation Or Melasma? Try This!

Got hyperpigmentation or melasma? I have something for you to try! I have melasma from both my pregnancies, and I’ve been able to fade most of it, but I’ve …


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  1. Marie M.

    Badger Balm, ThinkSport and Juice Beauty are all great non-toxic brands that offer 20% Zinc oxide sunscreens, which is the minimum percentage to look for. One thing many people don’t seem to know, is that you CAN’T put any kind of liquid makeup (all kinds of makeup that is not a powder) on top of a physical/mineral sunscreen, as you are completely diluting the SPF. You can apply powder makeup on top, but even then you need to be careful not to smudge the sunscreen off. Why brands, bloggers and people in general don’t know this and/or specify this, is really worrying; it’s doing a huge disservice to consumers who choose physical/mineral sunscreen, as they are not getting the protection they think. Physical/mineral sunscreen is clearly the healthiest and most environmentally friendly option, so there really needs to be more awareness about this!

  2. Green Beauty Project Adriana

    I have melasma and about to step up my SPF game with the tinted Australian gold SPF 50 all mineral for every day use.
    I have used it for the pool and beach because it’s also water proof but it’s time to use it every day as the majority all mineral SPF in the market are 30 and really make me nervous

  3. ummikalsoom7

    About sunscreens I would say they can't protect more than half an hour in direct sun light so now dermatologist has started to educate people to wear complete dresses ,sun glasses ,and try to cover the face in direct sun light .it will be100 time affective as compare to not going to waste money on this useless cosmetic item any more .

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