Governor Mike Pence in the importance of faith in his life

Governor Mike Pence in the importance of faith in his life



  1. D McG

    "I was raised in a family where faith was important". Yes, that's how it starts. Brainwashing children who have no choice but to ingest the nonsense. Fortunately, there are enough strong-minded people who, when they grow up, realize human-beings created religion and drop the silliness of believing in a man born of a virgin, walked on water and died and returned to the living (all impossible). We can only hope he really believes that religious freedom applies to ALL the gods people believe in and those who put their faith in real things like science.

  2. Fidelina Javier

    In the book of Revelation we learned about this time when people will revels and curses God. When Jesus Christ come back they will battle against Him but they will not succees. For all of you that blasfeme I want to tell you that God knew that in the Latter days Satan will instigate and hardened the hard of must people. Satan has his evil spirits that where cast out of heaven for rebellion and he also has his followers that has body, those are those who blasfeme and will battle against the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ but for your information at the end of the battle Satan and his followers will loose, that is a reality

  3. Lion 'n Lamb 777

    This is what a true follower of Christ looks like! The hand of God has clearly been in this election and despite everything that the evil elite have thrown at Trump, the Lord has answered our prayers in appointing Trump/Pence to win. Christians everywhere should be rejoicing that we finally have a voice in Washington again, and the icing on the cake: God gave us the House and Senate! Let's pray for a strong conservative SCOTUS and cabinet with Godly men, who further and protect what is pleasing to our Lord. Let's pray for a revival and that this nation turns from sin to our Lord for salvation! We have much to be grateful for, thank you Lord!!!

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