GRWM: For DRY MATURE SKIN Tutorial | 50 + Beauty | LITTLE POET

GRWM: For DRY MATURE SKIN Tutorial | 50 + Beauty | LITTLE POET

Get Ready With Me! Warning: Bare Face Alert! I share a technique for ladies with DRY MATURE SKIN! It gives such a beautiful finish on the skin. This tutorial …


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  1. Alli Sea

    Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for the recommendation of contour (Kevin Aucoin). Difficult to find a shade suitable for gals like us that isn't too "muddy". I see you like the RT sponges. How do you feel they compare to the BB brand? I find the BB price a bit out there for a "sponge" 😆
    Enjoyed your video!
    💕😚💕 Alli

  2. Valerie Dison

    Wow this is the first video I have watched of yours. I came from callmelails channel. Absolutely I love your hair. I would love to see a tutorial. I have very dry skin so I can definitely get some recommendations from you. I love mixing my favorite sexual with my favorite Foundation. Right now I'm actually not having to do that because I've been using athene Becca first light priming filter and I feel that has been doing a great job prepping my skin for my Foundation. Normally I love to use whatever or I have on hand and mix it with my Foundation though. I have used the Charlotte Tilbury powder before in the past in that is a very lovely powder. I've been holding off on buying again but I did use it completely up and loved every single bit of it the whole time. You did a great job on this video and I'm so glad that I saw your lovely comment under Lails video. Great video!

  3. Lee MakeupRookie

    Wowza! Laurie you look stunning! I will definitely have to try this technique. I was afraid to purchase the new maybeline superstay as I'd heard how very trying it was but now that I've watched you there's no denying how beautiful it is. Thank you for this! I know I can always count on you for great tips, tricks and suggestions. You're one gorgeous woman! Xoxo

  4. The Lady Borgia

    Looking lovely! Great video! I tend towards dry in the winter and I use various oils to keep hydrated. I actually don't wear foundation often (only once on my channel) which is different for someone who does beauty and SFX arts here, but I wear everything else. Supported and thumbs up!😊👍

  5. HappinessSparkles !!

    Hi sweetie ,this goes on beautifully ,I wouldn’t need to add the oil as my skin is already oily
    Love the shape tape ,gorgeous finish and the 💄 is beautiful I love the pop of lip gloss on top ,so pretty and WOW girl look at your hair it’s stunning
    Love Frances

  6. Karen T

    Laurie, girl, what a great video!! I just adore watching you go from pony tail mommy to glam. I'll bet your husband loves all these heads you turn….😂🤗…you looked great today honey and I'm so with you on the added gloss, do it all the time…xoxo…. Karen

  7. Deb Melton

    Wonderful grwm Laurie – your skin looks fabulous always but really smooth with this technique. OMG the blush – I love the color – I'm cool toned too. I've been looking for a new color (brand). The Snob lip is perfect definitely on my list! This video cost me some money – haha but for things I was already looking for so that's not bad – right. I always watch your video – and thumbs up! Hugs to you my beautiful friend. xoxo Deb 🙂 P.S. I couldn't find the Snob color when I went to your Mac site – hope it is not discontinued. I will look further – but I did get the blush!! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  8. Nikkigatorfan

    I have normal to dry skin… but as I get younger it’s getting a bit more to dry side… I wear a lot of products I like…but I swear by Clinique Moisture Surge gel either mix with my foundation or before my foundation… haha I know it’s not for that purpose… but my skin loves it…

  9. Angela Jane Lomax

    I thought that Lori Ayres. Your hair is gorgeous I'm sure back in the day Farah Fawcet. ……Might not be spelt right. Had hair similar to this. I have those sponges real techniques. ..Never used them. Think it's about time. I watch Susan, she's adorable. I'm struggling with my foundation lately. Need to change it up. xxx 💖 💗 💝

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