Guard Your Heart: Start Thinking Overcoming Thoughts

Guard Your Heart: Start Thinking Overcoming Thoughts

Our lives follow the direction of our thoughts. Not every thought that comes to mind is positive. Some thoughts are destructive if we dwell on them long enough. We need to recognize which…


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  1. Blessed Hope Chapel South Australia

    The problem I have with this teaching is its all about self and not about Jesus. These churches are built on teachings that are worldly and take the Scriptures out of context and teach motivational/good feel messages, but God is exempt, sin is not mentioned, prayer is abandoned and repentance is forgotten and Christ becomes merely a means of financial blessing a means of succeeding in life and becoming wealthy. It is corrupt and sick at the core, be careful about swallowing these teachings as they are laced with poison.

  2. dawn ella27

    at 1:20 classic law of attraction philosophy this isn't biblical. I'm sure a lot of the Apostles and Christians and the past and of today that have suffered tribulation or have died wanted their life to go a certain way but it didn't. not our will but God's will be done


    above all else guard your heart. kenneth e hagin said you might not be able to stop a bird flew over your head but you can certainly stop them building nest on your head!

    keep that word always infront of your eyes and the mids of your heart! (prov 3)

  4. Madison A

    Amen Victoria! God Bless you, Joel and your entire family. I love you and your ministry. Joel and you have SAVED my life by bringing me closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and his Father our God on High. I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to inspire you and Joel, because we need you!

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