Guest Speaker Pastor Bob Prasser: Matthew 5:1-12, The Beatitudes – The Sermon of the Mount, Part 1

Guest Speaker Pastor Bob Prasser: Matthew 5:1-12, The Beatitudes – The Sermon of the Mount, Part 1

Pastor Bob Prasser of the North Shore Christian Fellowship begins this teching with a background of the introduction to the Sermon on the Mount and starts …


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  1. Gail 4

    You were called by God to be saved in the Church of Christ. God wanted you Baptized. And you have to unlearn a lot of things? That is God saving you and you laugh at Baptism? The first Christians were Baptized. Jesus was Baptized and received the Holy Ghost. You are true to give God's scripture in your sermon. But laugh at Baptism. I pray you will study this as the times recorded in the Bible people had consequences when they laughed or spoke at God or God's work being done–Sarah, Michal, and David's wife, Moses did not give credit to God for the water out of the rock. I pray you will not have consequences for laughing at what is clearly stated in the Bible. Pray for truth and understanding. I am at fault at such weakness too. I have prayed or forgiveness and Spiritual understanding and maturity. It is good to hear God's Word from all over the World! Praising God for the Internet being used for the good of His Kingdom!

  2. Linda G

    In case anyone didn't hear Sunday's sermon, Pastor JD's son, Elias has a health problem that is still to be diagnosed. Unfortunately Elias was on the mainland in California when he began having seizures. He was trying to fly home and had another seizure before the plane took off. He was hospitalized and was finally able to get home last Sunday. Praying for him. This had to be scary for all involved. However they were able to see God at work several times during this.

  3. ParisianPrincess

    I grew up questioning my salvation – until I realised that this questioning was as a result of condemnation, not conviction. When you are born-again and Holy Spirit filled, conviction comes from the Holy Spirit in you; it is designed to teach and grow and change you, not destroy you. Condemnation is from the father of lies, and creates uncertainty, strife and destruction. And yes – I can't wait to get to heaven and watch the replay of so many biblical events and ask Jesus what He was thinking and feeling at the time…..

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