Having Children Enriches Your Life

Having Children Enriches Your Life

– Listen to experiences from married couples and discover how they found blessings within their …


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  1. Eye of the Day

    Watching this on mother's day and feeling sorry for myself. I'm 34 and have been married for 6 years, still no babies. Maybe we will know that blessing some day, until then I'll just watch this video and wish I was those people with kiddos. 💔

  2. Pedro Moo

    Having children changes your life. It makes it so much better, even if those children are not your own. My world is not over now that I have children, it just got more interesting. A friend said, "You won't be able to do so much stuff" My answer "I think I will be able to so much more" because children become your motivation in difficult times, your joy when sadness strikes, your hope when disappointment is found, your strength when weakness overcomes, your life when you look back.

  3. J F

    It is said that people with kids feel more fulfilled and that people without kids experience more overall happiness, so pick one I guess.  Children are wonderful–if you are prepared for them.  I am so glad I got to have the experiences I did long before children!  I feel like having finished college, travelled, embarking on a career, and exploring new things with friends makes me a better parent because of the perspective I can offer my kids.  I don't have thoughts about things I wish I'd done.  If you are thinking of having children, also factor in the fact that it costs around $250,000 to raise them to the age of 18, and that does not include the cost of college.  I wish finances were not an issue but those of us who were raised with a little less know it is.  One last piece of advice:  never, ever try to convince a partner to have children before s/he is ready.  It will be detrimental to ALL of you.  The copper iud is probably the best form of birth control ever available in terms of moral considerations, cost, ease, etc.

  4. epicwriter96

    I don't have any children. I'm not married. And I am incredibly excited for those things to happen. I love the idea of having a family. I think being a mother is the most amazing thing a woman can be in this life. And a family is the greatest achievement of a couple. "NO success can compensate for failure in the home." David O. McKay.

  5. Stefanie V Santana

    I am pregnant of my first child. My husband and I have been married for 6 months. We were so surprised our blessing came so soon, but we are more than grateful. I am a law student and he is a financial consultant and we are both career oriented. Our schedules are busy and life goes fast. I am sure that many people would think that we are insane to have a baby at this point, but we have faith that somehow, everything will work. If God allowed Moses to divide a sea in two, how can I doubt?

  6. edwardsson777

    Excellent video.  So many people have bought the notion of consumerism and have abandoned having children as a core goal in life.  I would encourage people to also watch "Demographic Winter" over at BYU TV as well as catch the video, "What's Happened With all the Babies? The Danger of Too Low Birthrates." on YouTube.  The latter video features an interview with demographics expert Jonathan Last. 

  7. Sydora Handberry

    I was pregnant for 5months and then the Lord took the baby. It is depressing. I do not understand why this happened. My husband and I were so happy. I wanted the baby more than anything…
    My heart will never be the same. Another baby will not fix it..just the Lord, time and grace. People if you have kids kiss them and love them as the blessings that they are. And if you are trying or expecting pray and thank him everyday. Do your best. Peace&blessings

  8. ann3tt

    If your life prior t children included mostly calm activities, then it won'tfeel like a big sacrifice. But if you're a jet-setter and don't like kids in general, please don't have them just for having them's sake

  9. James Smyth

    We had our first three children while I was going to college. Looking back I don't see how I could have finished college without them! They were each a joy and inspiration in my life. God truly blesses us for our obedience.

    We now have four children and we wouldn't want it any other way. They have taught me so much and I have no doubt they have much more to teach me. What a tremendous blessing it is to be a family!

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