Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad | Jamie Oliver

Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s chicken caesar salad is lighter, fresher and half the calories of a regular caesar salad while still high on flavour. Replacing the mayo sauce with a quality …


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  1. ddojna Doina Balanescu

    EVEN LOWER CALORIES… if you make it Japanese style:
    instead of chicken use raw fish marinated with lemon juice (or white wine vinegar). It's delicious! I just tried it, and loved it!
    For all the lovers of the Japanese cuisine, there you go: Caesar Salad Sashimi Style.

  2. Morticia147

    Sure it's a nice recipe, but honestly I miss the old Jamie. He seemded just to have loved food and cooking. But now it's all about calories, nutrion and vitamins. Where is the soul in counting vitamins? If you cook fresh and without processed garbage, everything is fine…. Going with the hype of superfoods and nutrition values isn't fun or enyoing food.

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