Healthy Diet, Paleo vs Vegan dogma, who’s right? | RIPPED AT 50

Healthy Diet, Paleo vs Vegan dogma, who’s right? | RIPPED AT 50

Is a vegan diet healthy? Is a paleo diet healthy? Have an open mind when exploring vegan or paleo dogma, they may not be right for YOU! Today there are many so called “health experts” from…


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  1. Dancing Light

    While I agree with your fungal infection from grains theory, I totally disagree that eating meat is eating what your soul says is good for you. Taming your inner beast through a raw vegan diet will get you really clear about what a soul truly is and how taking any life intentionally is never spiritual. There is no justification for eating meat…period, the human body does not require it to thrive. I've been a ethical raw vegan for over 30 years I could care less what I look like, no ego running my life, but I'm older than you and look much younger and healthier than you do.

  2. VeganViet Ⓥ

    "we have respect and reverence for that animal" we used animals that has been raped, tortured, enslave, and ultimately killed for our selfish unnecessary desires. does that sound like reverence? "it brings some form of immortality to that animal because it now come trough a human being" that some batshit crazy thinking

  3. Patrick O. Wilson

    I really like your advice,I definitely need help in changing my diet,I was diagnosed with Chrones disease and from what I understand it is predominantly an American /Anglo problem .I've just subscribed,I've read some negative feedback but if people really LISTEN u are not claiming to have all the answers.Like u said every needs to be in tune with their body and surrounding,I can tell u have alot of Pos energy. Than again for the advice.

  4. PeaceProfit

    Holy-Shit, "Imparts immortal life, expressed through a human being"… talk about self centric dogma, usurping Native Religion to justify a personal preference…

    Plants, trees etc. are also living things, i*doubt they are thankful to mankind for the immortal life we have given them, by shredding their bodies into human nest boxes and creating dead end GMO mono crop communities.

    People, are also (living beings) & (real food) yet we have learned not to eat them… for logical reasons.

    It's the 21st century… If you consume meat, your profound ignorance, enables you to maintain a suicidal disregard for life…

    Based solely on the simple fact that in less than 100 years, 80% of the flora, fauna, marine life, top soil and fossil resource of this planet has been consumed, destroyed, poisoned or made toxic by mankind's insatiable desire to butcher every species and habitat he encounters, to the brink of extinction, it's the epitome of ignorance to believe your actions are sustainable.

    Humanity is playing Environmental-Jenga,
    Remove the wrong block and it's Game-Over.

    Those who deny and ignore scientific fact, (i.e. Reality) do so at their own peril and are simply preparing the environment for the rise of the next dominate species.

    The Vegan*Scavenger

  5. james brisebois

    You can't actually believe that we have the GI tract of an omnivore do you? You talk like you've done your research but if you did you would know it wasn't… I'm not against eating meat do what you want but don't lie to yourself while doing it

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