Healthy Eating and Nutrition Fun Video for Kids

Healthy Eating and Nutrition Fun Video for Kids

Video and a portion of a play teaching children the importance of eating healthy. —————————————————————— Hope is on a quest to find “Health Haven”,…


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  1. Charlie Vaughan

    Thanks for the video. Has anyone read this digital product called Burwan Super Fast Diet Plan? I've looked over the sales but don't know if it's worth the money. Perhaps someone who has been convinced enough to buy it please share their views? Cheers

  2. Carolyn Coy

    Geez Aimee, maybe you should see the 2nd half of the trailer which has singing fruits & veggies in a happy musical format. Hundreds of kids in SoCal schools and/or libraries have enjoyed this health musical — if demonizing "junk food" in a unique way causes you to be "creeped out", you're in the minority & lack a sense of humor.

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