Healthy Eating Tips For Kids From A Kid

Healthy Eating Tips For Kids From A Kid

Ten year-old Isabelle discusses healthy eating habits and good nutrition. She doesn’t mince words regarding hot dogs, donuts and girl scout cookies!


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  1. The Emerald Freaks

    actually potatoes aren't that good for you so you shouldn't really eat a potato or potato chips, there nutritional and everything but they are kinda the I dunno, "fattening" vegetable? out of all the vegetables the potatoes are the least healthy I guess..

  2. healthylombard

    Hi.  I love your presentation!.  My name is Jay (nickname for JUanita) Wojcik and I am in charge of Healthy Lombard is a 501c3 Foundation established to address the problem of Childhood Obesity and to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.  One way we do that is through a local cable show that uses short videos in its format called Health Local.  I would like to include your video under our Generation H segment (H stands for Healthy).  Would that be OK with you?  You can check us out at http://www.healthylombard,com and we are also on Facebook and Twitter.    Thanks!

  3. Jara Lee

    Come check out my video about pretty much the same thing! I promise I watched this video only AFTER I uploaded my video. He has alot of the same content and facts. Yours is more about food and mine only has a small section about food. Mine also has a dancing section so kids can dance along. PLEASE check mine out!

  4. Dulce

    I really enjoyed this soo much very informative…makes me think more on study a product more than just grabbing what will be easier on my time shedule….I dont eat fast foods..or fried foods but I am guilty of making mac and cheese and hot dogs …stuff like that cause the kids were hungry and they wanted food now…so I thank you for this video .. very smart young girl ….

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