Healthy Hamburger Food Recipe – Nutrition by Natalie

Healthy Hamburger Food Recipe – Nutrition by Natalie

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  1. ThatBoyBad

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  2. hosenmayer mihael

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  3. Daniel Holt

    I think you have to soak it in vinegar or lemon juice for a couple days, don't know for sure. Gliadin containing foods are too big of a focus and there are much worse things you want to avoid. Bread in many ways is really good for you even though it contains gliadin. You might have to get a special type of species of bread from a company that's lower in gliadin, and then it would go through fermentation for a certain length of time to break down the gliadin that is there before it's sold.

  4. Daniel Holt

    Is there a way to soften the buffalo meat up and make it taste good? I've heard of a guy that ate game meat, and I believe buffalo meat is game meat. He got diverticulitis at 30 years old because of it. He was a very healthy guy and in great shape. He ate very healthy and was very active. I've heard you have to do something to soften up the meat when it's game meat but I'm not sure how.

  5. adoravenus3

    @CompassionateChap You don't have to be a vegetarian to eat healthy.Vegatarianism is an option and for some people a lifestyle choice. Pushing your views on others is not helpful. Anyone reading this should look at the studies themselves from BOTH sides and decide for themselves. The truth is Vegatarians get cancer too and being healthy is a combination of diet, exercise and mental outlook.

  6. simonnaylor

    @engelheim Ha ha. I am a vegetarian and I'm not very healthy. Too many chips, pop, beer, sweets, and bread for me. trying to weed it out. Once I do i should be good. But yah, you can be very healthy as a vegetarian or a none vegetarian. All depends on how you balance what you eat and how you stay in shape.

  7. Max Trippenbach

    Crap…I LOVE Ketchup, now I can't eat it…I'm truly tired of not being able to eat the foods I like. It's been going on for a year now, I wish we didn't have to worry about what we eat…It's ruining my life!*Sigh*I'm twelve and don't want to be Fat again, I just lost 35 pounds, But I can't look at a donut or ice cream or…now KETCHUP without thinking about the calories or fat or carbs etc. I'm kinda scared and I know hardly any of you guys will read this or people who do don't give…Oh wel

  8. Learning2Smile

    @sauldavidwilliams We also crawled out of the slime but I don't like the idea of going back there, thank you.

    This whole health movement is only beneficial to the people who make these so called "organic" foods to sell at an exorbitant premium. Let's not go half cocked and cut meat and all the good foods out of our lives. I heard one of these evangelists say you shouldn't eat too much fruit because of the sugars in it.

    Get real!

  9. x1tekja

    The lack of understanding by some people is astonishing. There is no one healthy diet for everyone. Vegetarian diets are not an option for some. Furthermore there are plenty publications against vegan diets.

    "ANIMAL PROTEIN is a cancer promoter" WTF!?

    Where are the JAMA of Pub Med publications on this? What's that NONE! Ok then in all fairness you need to state your source if you want anyone to take what you say seriously because you are contradicting a lot of health professionals.

  10. Anthony Starfield

    Wow, very informative! Thank you!

    I only eat a little whole wheat bread because I need something to hold 1/3 stick of butter!

    Naples, what nonsense. People can eat all the meat and eggs and saturated fat they want!

    But stay away from trans fats and vegetable oils; made with high heat, high pressure, which makes them go rancid. Rancid oils are VERY bad for you.

    The Chukchi people eat reindeer meat 3 times a day during the winter. They're healthy, but the cold is hard on them.

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