Healthy Harvest Salad Recipe!

Healthy Harvest Salad Recipe!

GUYS! I am SO excited to share todays video! I LOVE BONNIE KATE & I know you will too! Be sure to check out her channel/the video we did together on her channel! PS: This may be my FAVORITE…


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  1. nmikelson

    This salad looks amazing but all that hair on the other girl freaks me out. If only she pulled it back while in the kitchen 😱😱😱. I’m just envisioning hair all over that salad.

    While beautiful long hair like that just reminds me of the early 90’s.

  2. AwkwardlyAdorable

    I was watching this trying to figure out why Bonnie Kate looked so familiar and then I realized I saw the proposal video that her now husband made for her years ago!! I remember watching it and nearly dying from the sweetness, it's so cool that they have a channel now!!

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