Healthy Lifestyle Motivation – Change The Way You Look At The World

Healthy Lifestyle Motivation – Change The Way You Look At The World

This video is gonna be a mini rant on the current state of the world and my mindset on healthy lifestyle motivation. ▻If you found this video helpful hit Subscribe …


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  1. H Bruce

    It scares me what the world will be like in the next 20,30, or 40 years from now. A nightmare scenario would be where we stop moving at all. We would really be screwed then and, I am being seriously here. In many ways we are not progressing sometimes to the point of almost a state of atrophy. It is almost as if we collectively said, we are not to move any more which can be described as some level of insanity. So with all of that being said, yes, it would be survival to toughen up as you pointed out. We seriously need that to get back to "normal". I remember years ago when a friend of mine complained that her washing machine broke and what was she to do? I told her, simple, wash what you immediately need by hand. What's the problem. This inability to move also has caused people to not look for solutions. Hey, what's up with that? We literally have to push back in order to move forward. Thank you friend!

  2. Brazilian in Holland

    You are really good! the things you said really makes sense and wake us up. Thank you for that. However I have to confess that counting the calories really helps me because I don't have much notion of how much calories there is in food. When I stop counting, I start to get weight again. The funny thing is that when I used to live with my parents I was slim without having to count the calories. For some reason when I have to cook for myself, I end up always making too much. I try to do few, but if I don't count I go wrong. I don't like this though, I wanted to be healthy without having to count.

  3. Livio Dinaj

    being injured made me realise that I took for granted just how much exercise and how fit I am. I realized a scary truth: its SO SO EASY to just sit around and do absolutely nothing all day as a student. Then, when its time to get a job, you just get your 9-5 job and are told what to do, and you can watch TV for 3 hours at home, then if you want to have fun, you go out with friends and drink. I watch the terrible posture, lack of even basic muscle structure, terrible breathing patterns and people wonder why obesity is rising as well as "first world diseases" like diabetes, asthma, heart disease etc

  4. Randimal762

    I completely agree. I realized that our ancestors probably walked a shitload of miles every day- just part of their everyday life. I'm thankful that my job as a nurse in a busy hospital allows me to get plenty of walking and standing throughout the day, but I've found that on my days off, it's easy to sit around too much and not get much activity outside of going to the gym. On my days off from work, I try to get some extra walking in by walking to the grocery store, or walking around the block a few times… I'll often doing this while listening to audiobooks and it's very relaxing.

  5. Dawk

    Mario, don't stop making this daily videos, I don't care if it's 2-3 minutes or if you're just repeating things you already said or saying motivational stuff. It helps. It helps a lot and I thank you everyday for that. It reminds me everyday why I'm doing what I'm doing. Thank you. Awesome content as ever.

  6. Saeraen

    I see the effects of the sedentary lifestyle that's been enabling people to become less active, it's disgusts me to see 300+ pound people walking around everywhere. Less activity, less drive to be active and more carbs. TONS of carbs. Something has to change but I fear it won't. Physically fit and capable people are a shrinking minority at this point. The growing majority are the obese and chronically ill.

  7. Tom Oakley

    Funny, I just had a similar insight earlier today. "Normal" is basically shorthand for "ineffective" and "unsuccessful".

    For much of my life I've felt out of place coz I seemed to be a bit "weird", a bit off kilter compared to people around me at school and at work.

    And part of success I now realise is letting go of that need to earn the "privilege" of being seen as normal.

    Fuck normal.

    Abnormalities are what diversify the genetic pool, we'd all be walking round on hind legs climbing trees and shagging our cousins right now if it weren't for abnormal people coming along and shaking the world up.

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