Healthy Lifestyle Motivation (Diet, Exercise & Weight Loss)

Healthy Lifestyle Motivation (Diet, Exercise & Weight Loss)

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  1. Heather Flower

    Her speaking skills are phenomenal. Her word usage is very broad and her voice is engaging. She talks a bit too fast, but who could blame her – she had lots of advice waiting to be released and she is passionate about being a positive influence.

  2. Sarah Ramos

    I just found your channel:) and I am so grateful for your advice! I've been lost for quite some time now and I want to change for a better me! Thank you for inspiring me:) BTW💙 could you maybe do a room tour! It looks lovely! 🌸

  3. Savoure La Vie

    Hey Sarah! I just discovered your channel and love it. I'm French and I just started a Youtube channel about healthy living too 😀 (I have English subtitles for my English speaking viewers and maybe I can do some videos in English in the future?). Anyway, I'm really glad I found you! 
    Your advice is really good, I definitely agree with your way of thinking. 
    Keep doing you x

  4. Aline lika

    Yeeeey new subscriber 😊 pleeease make more healthy eating videos. I loved every single one of your recipes. I want to be vegetarian but my family is not and its hard to eat different things everyday but i am gonna try harder ❤️❤️

  5. Anna Louise

    Thanks for the tips! Found them really interesting. Also just randomly, you look like a blonde version of aria from pretty little liars haha! Keep the great vids coming I'm a new subscriber who loves your videos already 🙂 xx Anna

  6. Regina Gálvez

    omg you are so sweet! thanks for the video. I have a question for you… I´m not a vegan but I eat clean and healthy, but I´m really interested into the vegan lifestyle… so what I´m doing at the moment is having 2 vegan meals a day (breakfast, snack and dinner), and maybe lunch can have some tuna or something like that. and I wanted to ask you if thats ok? thanks!! xx

  7. Ikeja Ei Lan

    I definitely think you should do more advice videos because this was insanely insightful and very beneficial. I didn't have all of the same questions but I was able to take a lot of the stuff you said and apply it in other places in my life. This was awesome 🙂

  8. meemeelipota

    Hi, thank you so much for this video and answering my question so well and with such a small period of time. Every time I asked a question to someone else, they would not bother with my questions and only answer with "you have to set yourself a goal, or you have to be more disciplined" nobody ever answered my questions this well and bothered to care about my worries this much.

    You're an amazing person and I know it sounds silly, but knowing you talked about it so easily made me believe I was making a big deal out of everything. Hopefully, by combining your great tips and some others I know, I will be able to live a better and healthy lifestyle and it will also help me have a better and more positive outcome on everything such as life, school, body appreciation, etc.

    I'm being better than I was before, I exercise a bit more now and I try to drink as much water as possible and i'm adding more and more little by little. 

    Sorry for the long text haha, once again, thank you for this and I hope you get a million more subscribers because you deserve it so much.

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