Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Eunice | Wishtrend

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Eunice | Wishtrend

It’s time for another fun and informative video with Eunice! Today she will give her tips and tricks in the kitchen for how to stay healthy and lose weight! On-Air!


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  1. angel a

    Nice tips but, the skim milk is not healthy when they remove the fat whats left there is sugar. You can search about it, they add some stuff to it after the process to test like milk because it ends up being like water. It's bad for you and have no vitamins, go for the normal one it's much better

  2. K.I. S.S

    @WISHTrendTV ,Thank You for the video tips, I pushed the subscribe button, jjang ์งฑ!! [here is a wink to u ;)] I like Korea, I like how korean people care about health n beauty. I also really like homemade yoghurt, my mom does make it too. I am not an expert but I want to point out one thing since I am a bit sensitive about language and words, not that anyone cares:

    so, the word "Kefir" is Turkish that is said to be some changed version of caucasian words since Turks get to know this thing from caucasian people living near to its border OR the natives give it a name "Kรถpรผr"( which means smt like "to foam", cuz if u add water to tick Kefir yoghurt u have a bubbly white drink which is very traditional in turkey we have something similar called "Ayran" which is simply yoghurt +water+salt+mint : salt n mint r optional) then Kรถpรผr became this –>kepir–>kefir. These are acc. to turkish sources, I would love to be sure but I am not but I feel a bit sure of one thing that it cant come from "keif" (true version written as "Keyif") which is arabic and means "joy, pleasure, etc". (Yes I am from Turkey and I know we have tons of words from arabic, but still). ^_^/ I hope I can come to Korea one day and try delicious food! annyeong.

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