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  1. Heather Dexter

    i exercise every single day and eat a very healthy vegetarian diet…i only drink once a week. i even exercise enough to slow down or stop my period, but the really strange this is is that im still rapidly gaining alot of weight. (5lbs in the past month) i wasnt underweight to begin with and i dont know why this could be happening. Im not sure if this could be muscle or fat and i cant really afford to buy new clothes…

    any advice if you have time? thanks.
    much love from a fan <3

  2. CoachByNicole

    ?4u Currently, I do 30 min of cardio then ulternate weight training on upper/lower body (4 sets of 15/ free weights & about 4-5 machines) 6 day a week after work and Sat AM. I only have 30 extra min a day to add in – would you add more cardio or add'l weight training. My goal is to lose weight check me out at CoachByNicole and let me know. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on how to get the most bang for my 30 add'l min.

    P.S. Im 34, 6 kids + a husband and a very demanding high stres

  3. shawnta2002191

    Sarah I have a question about losing th bottom half of my stomach, I think they call it the donut, inner tude, etc. I just lost 76 pd and I'm down to 153pds. How can I get rid of that or just shrink it? I workout 5-6 days a week. Each day I do 35 to 50 min of cardio, ranging from running to spining. I also weight train two to three times a week. I don't know what else to do to get rid of the pudge, please help?

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